Idle IE uses 98% CPU

Recently my IE goes into some kind of CPU intensive loop and takes up to 98% CPU according to the Task Manager (XP). I usually have 2 or 3 IEs open at once, but just sitting idle. Any ideas? Maybe a Java or Javascript bug?

Probably some obnoxious animated Flash ad.

What speed and type CPU?

A bunch of plugins and activeX controls can run under IE. Are there one page, a few pages that do this, or is it completely unrelated to the locations you’re browsing??

Here are two browsers that will use resources better and you can open multiple sites in one running browser program.

Enigma The groups function is really nice. You can save all open pages in a group and hit the group you want to open when you do another sesson later.

Mozilla Firefox

Either is free and works better for multiple page viewing than IE.

This could very easily be because of a browser hijack virus. Run a virus and spyware scan.

does it depend on what pages are currently loaded?

I’m trying to figure out if it is due to a certain website I visit, or a certain website I have currently loaded. No clues so far. I have all the current patches, spyware and virus software I can stand, so I think I have that angle covered. I will cruise around to my regular places and try to keep track of when my IE decides to go bonkers.

I can tell when a process has gone mad with CPU usage because the fan on my laptap will never stop running. Odd, but true.

It could be a java applet running in the background. If you open a web page containing a java applet, it can remain alive and functioning until ALL browser instances are closed. Close all your browser windows, re-open them, and see if the problem goes away (don’t just minimize them - actually unload each browser instance).

I think that may be the answer. It does seem to go away when I use that procedure. I’m going to try to open the Java-window in the browser the next time to see if that gives me any other clues.

I believe I caught the scoundrel. My IE went into its 98% mode this morning and the java-console indicates is the culprit.