Idle Thoughts is a poopy-head. Get in on the ground floor! Be there or be a communist!

If you have no idea what this is all about, don’t worry. Neither do I.

Well, someone needs to clarify quickly before I close this thread.

Ummm, nightshade is worse than vodka or weed?

There are already current threads on “unpopular opinions” and “serious questions about the smell of poop”, or something like that, is this concatenation really necessary?

It is like Dali, surreal. It is something mundane, but I thought I might want to share it.

IvoryTowerDenizen is also a poopy-head.

Come to think of it, JimNightshade is a poopy-head.

And so is my wife.

Let’s re-phrase this. Who is not a poopy-head?

I’m clearly not in on the joke, because the punchline I hear is “why is this not in the Pit?” :confused:

Yeah, this ain’t happening.