goround zero of jokes

Fellow dopers: Big fan of this forum , however I feel it has been extra polluted by unecessary “jokes” and puns lately.
I find this business repulsive. This is the pit so I speak my mind I hope. I will from now on read as many threads as I can and harvest the worst of the worst , and publish them here (name included of course). Why am I doing this? because I am tired of this tongue-in-cheek stuff, it’s cheap and make me read a lot of nonsense i don’t need to, I am herer to read something resembling acts- not your soccermom jokes.

To illustrate the gravity of the problem i present to you this “joke”. I reger to this comment as GROUND ZERO, it can’t be worse:

“Join Date: Nov 2000
Canada’s had gay marriage for over six years now.
**Are Americans a bunch of chickens? bwock-bwock-bwock!
over six years now.

"jokes(?)/comments like this should never be tolerated

To be continued…Im on the hunt, keep your jokes at home people, if you want, it’s up to you

I hope I make it into your thread!

Knock Knock!

Relax, Francis.

… are you drunk?

I burning you dog.

goes looking for threads to render my opunion. :smiley:

you are a good candidate.

ps waiting for the next smartass to comment on a few spelling mistakes

Gotcha Ya!

How merry!

Cool! We get to do this now? All right, then: I declare that verbs are no longer allowed!

cute! meanwhile im defending decency and morale BUT you go girl !! :slight_smile:

Is the problem that people are joking at all? Or that the jokes are simply unamusing and lacking any wit? Because you say, “unnecessary jokes,” which makes me wonder if there are some jokes you would approve of.

Well it is hard to define - but you know when you hear/read a really cheap one. Jokes in general are ok. yes. My illustration was with the chicken “joke”. totally unnecessary and useless, Offensive i you ask me. But I don’t judge people for one mistake, it’s just an illustration


Can I count this as a pitting of me? The quote’s mine, though unattributed.

In the interests of disclosure, though, the specific “chicken” joke is derived from a Futurama episode titled “War is The H-Word”, in which a sign outside a recruiting center says (more or less) “C’mon, sign up! What are you, chicken? Bwock Bwock Bwock!”

There is, however, a specific point behind my rhetoric - Canada’s gay marriage laws have had no ill effect that I’m aware of in the 6+ years they’ve been in effect. If an American wants to claim such laws won’t work in his country, he’ll have to explain why not, with one possible explanation being that, yes, Americans are cowards. Or at least I’ve yet to see an alternate explanation not based on homophobia, though I remember one or two heavily-flawed attempts that were entirely dismissible.
In any case, short of moderator action, I’ve no intention of cutting out quips, jokes, puns, etc. so the OP can go pound salt.

I think this thread should turn into a thread in which posters list their favorite (not necessarily your best, or the best received, just the one of your own that you liked the best) joke of their own, without a link and without context, pretty much how the OP did it.

Mine: “Want some wry? 'Course you do!”

Well, in that case…

Without context, though…

Is this a joke thread?

Gawd please, no. It would be as painful to read as that one a few months back where people posted jokes they’d made in real life that were ::cough:: hysterical and brought down the house.

But! If putting bad jokes/puns/quips here keeps them OUT of other threads, making this a kind of Humane Society for them, I’d be in favor of that. :smiley: