Idle Thoughts is wrong. Again.

You are incorrect.

His topic ban is for the subject of rape allegations.


Emphasis mine.

I did not mention rape, or rape allegations. Furthermore, if you’re going to define his ban as anything associated with domestic violence, why didn’t he get a warning for a post criticizing MLB’s decision to suspend a player for domestic violence?

You seem to be conceding or are at least not denying that you were deliberately trying to provoke Dale.

Mods do regularly ask posters to not bait others so perhaps Idle Thoughts may have mistakenly thought the ban was still in effect when it wasn’t, but his/her admonition to you to stop baiting Dale strikes me as quite proper.

I was not baiting him. I was making a direct observation about his tendencies in discussions about sports and the behavior of athletes, in direct response to a post he made prior to mine.

The ban IS still in effect, but it is, as i clearly demonstrated in the OP, a ban about “topics involving rape allegations.” If mods are going to apply the ban to all sorts of other issues, then those issues need to be listed and included in the ruling.

His topic ban includes all talking or hijacking threads with females accusing sports players of crimes, despite what that exact post says, and you were deliberately provoking him in that post. The mod note stands, I’m sorry.

You’re trying to feign ignorance and pretend you weren’t doing anything wrong here, but no matter how much you are going to twist the past posts to try to show I’m mistaken, it’s apparent to all of the mods what you were trying to do there.
It’s equivalent to parents telling one brother to stop touching the other brother in the backseat of the car on a long trip. The brother finding a loophole and holding one finger away from the other’s face while claiming “I’m not touching him, I’m not touching him… What? I’m not touching him! You said I’d only get into trouble if I touched him”. That defense isn’t going to work here.

You were very clearly being a jerk, which is against the rules in any circumstances. You were attempting to goad another poster on a subject on which you are well aware is a hot button issue with him.

Really? That’s your answer?

“Despite what the actual ruling says, in clear and unambiguous English, we are extending the ruling to a whole bunch of other things that are not mentioned in the ruling. This despite the fact that the ruling itself was presented by a moderator as a final and definitive decision on a topic that had been discussed in an ATMB thread for three pages.”

I was making a point about his general attitude to evaluations of player behavior in professional sports, including on-the-field and off-the-field behavior. If that is not allowed, then make a fucking ruling to that effect.

By the way, are you going to go back and give dalej42 a warning for making a comment about an MLB ruling on a domestic violence incident?

That would, at least, have the virtue of alleviating your hypocrisy on this issue.

Moderator Note

ATMB is for civil discussion of the rules. Let’s keep it so.

I don’t think ascribing motives to mhendo’s posts with dale is all that civil, nor is the moderators’ complete avoidance of the actual ruling they gave back in September. Maybe everyone could dial it back a notch, eh?

In the interest of full disclosure, mhendo, I was the one who reported that post. I did so because your comments were over the line (in my opinion). To a poster who can’t reply back to defend himself, you said:

Again, just my opinion, but that was needlessly harsh and condescending. I felt that you were breaking the rule about being a jerk, and insulting other posters. So, if you want to get pissed off at someone, get pissed at me. She (Idle Thoughts is a woman, correct?) only moderated it because I asked a mod to do so, and she got the short straw.

I’m actually a guy, although I am known for the April fools joke I pulled where I had messaged people saying I was really female.

Also, that post by mhendo wasn’t just reported by you, Superdude, not by a long shot (if it makes you feel any better). Yours wasn’t even the first or last.

Haven’t you noticed? That rule is selectively enforced at best.

Here’s RickJays OP:*Carlos Carrasco is a terrific pitcher. He’s pitched well for two years now and I’ve no reason to think he won’t keep doing it. Salazar is just a bit behind Carrasco but younger, Bauer has all the potential in the world (though that comment is troubling in one way, at least he knows it’s a problem, and his saying it is suggestive of his intention to fix it; most people who are lazy do not know they are lazy) and Kluber pitched very well in 2015 but lost 16 games because Cleveland never scored when he pitched.

What’s NOT to like about the rotation? Whose is better in the AL? I mean, they’re pitchers, so you never know when the ol’ rotator cuff will catch fire, but still.*

Pretty much your line: " …, *they could probably also whack a girlfriend or two without it making the news or getting them suspended. No wonder you’re on board with him." *can’t be thought of as anything but either threadshiting or baiting or both.

Nothing in that thread *remotely *leads to killing girlfriends.

The post wasn’t civil regardless of what the motivation was.

I’m glad that you agree that ATMB should be kept civil. I take it this means that you will be unfailingly civil in ATMB in the future, then.

Totally forgot to say that, in my last post, the underlining in the quote was me adding emphasis.

I would be very surprised if Idle Thoughts is female. It really should not matter at all. But Idle Thoughts recently started a thread asking people about how much they weigh and I would be very surprised if it was a lady who did that. Seems very much out of character for a female to do that. But, after all, who can really know for sure?

I suppose, no one can ever really know fer sure about such things. All the messages I’ve ever read that were posted by Idle Thoughts seemed to me as if they were written by a male. But, you just never can tell, I suppose. Can you?

The tone of this comment fails any definition of civility I am aware of.

You could take one for the team and acquire some of his/her DNA.

Dude, that’s not the OP.

The gender of Idle Thoughts is immaterial to the topic at hand. I just wanted to use the correct pronoun.