Idon'tCARE if I'm being intolerant !

I HATE fundies and racists and homophobes and bigots!

There. I said it. I never was much for political correctness anyway.

It used to bother me - how can I expect them to tolerate me and mine if I didn’t tolerate them.


IF they wanna hate me, fine I’ll hate them right back!

I don’t care if you call me a hypocrite. I’m a hypocrite, they’re hypocrites and we all hate each other and THAT’s JUST FUCKING FINE!

Its the human condition. We’re evolved to naturally hate the members of other “tribes”, and if “tribes” are now defined differently than they were thousands of years ago that doesn’t change anything.
At least I don’t have to worry about going to their stupid heaven and being stuck with them for all eternity.

Well, at least we have that figured out.

FWIW, hate is a silly emotion. It’s a defense mechanism for pain, and it sucks.

I stopped hating people when I figured this out. Now I feel pity.

Hey friedo, can I borrow some of your Zen? This past month has shown me how much hate I am capable of.

Fundies, racists, homophobes and bigots usually make me feel superior. I get all haughty and look down my nose at them.


an emotion is an emotion…

'Tis better to not give a fuck about them.

Damn, now I’m guilty of overanalyzing! :slight_smile:


Hate’s pretty cool when you have someone to take it out on.

Then I will say to you, from my uncle who is a serious Christian but I am not:

Please note that I am not religious in one bit but it makes sense to forgive those that detract you and your words or feelings. Screw those that want to “hate” for their hate is not worthy of hate in return. It’s sadness you should feel for hate is such a strong means by which to try to make you hate in return.

We have seen this in recent events with which I don’t need to give you a run down of. But the thing to come across with that passage (can run the lines of any religion or even for those not so faithful like me)is that you don’t judge. If they judge you, don’t judge them back. Learn that each will have a “judgement day” that will be the rest of their existance. That existance can be on Earth, in Hell or Heaven or whatever you believe. There are no lines of religion in my post but I believe that you do reap what you sow…or you hate and you will be hated back. You do wrong, wrong will become of you as well. It’s Kharma, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, whoever, if no one, if you feel hate in your heart it will come back to you.

So fuck em. Know that you are the person that believes rightly in the things you want to believe in. Fuck em, you are who you are because of things that happened in your life, that you perceive things in your own way and no person can take that from you.

So I say to you this, hate them back, but really what good will it do for you in the long run? Does it add anything to the situation you are in? Hate never adds anything to our human plight. Rethink it and try to brush it off as a means that another person has a thought or feeling, right or wrong.

You might find some peace from that feeling. I know I have. I still have my want to unleash, believe me I do, but over all I do my damndest, from my soul these days, to let it be.

I am not a pacifist, I am pretty proactive but I have made a vow to myself that I will do my best to not let hate enter into my heart. Hate can lead to many painful and horrific things. Something I can’t be a part of.

So I am done, but before you decree a statement of hate, think about it. Try to see the other side as wacky as it may be. We aren’t meant to think and feel the same, what a boring world we would be if that were the case.

I generally don’t hate even blatantly hateful idiots because it drains me and gratifies them.

Most people who whip themselves into aggressive frenzies want a reaction. They certainly aren’t pursuing any real communication with others. Their stance tactic is getting right up in peoples faces in order to dictate the rules of engagement.

The opposite of hate isn’t love; it’s the absence of emotion. Besides, it frustrates the hell outta raving bullies and pitilessly lets them reveal themselves for who they are.


… way to many people in this world as it is…
and when the herd has to be thinned it’s nice to be the