IE 11 not working (Win 7)

When I put some URLs into IE 11 (32 and 64-bit), it does not go anywhere. I get no error message

My home page is set to a simple, locally-stored HTML document with organized links; a very clean, easy to use bookmarks page.

If I open the browser directly, I can’t seem to load a new URL that I put directly into the address bar. There is no error message; the blue circle thing just stops spinning.

I can visit any page when I use the Firefox add-on ‘IE View’ to open a page from FF (i.e. right-click in FF and select ‘view this page in IE’).

It seems as if I can visit sites that (I think) are in my history (because I opened them from FF in the past). From there, I can follow links and when I open a new tab I can load any page.

Sometimes the problem completely disappears. I think this is after I’ve gotten the browser to go to a page or something, but I haven’t quite been able to discern a pattern.

I think this has to do with an upgrade to IE 11 and new security settings. I usually use Firefox and have lost most familiarity with Explorer, so I may not be correct in when it happened or what I think went awry.

Any thoughts?


Have you tried resetting IE?