Internet Explorer not launching properly - what to do

(Okay, I know at least half of you want to sneer at me for still using IE. Can we take that as read?)

Twice over the past, oh, four days I’ve had trouble with Internet Explorer launching. It sorta starts, puts up the outline of the normal page, but not all the lables and icons are there. And then it sort of hangs. After a bit I get a popup window saying “The page is not responding” – either my home page or that of whatever email link I happened to click on. It offers to recover the page, which does nothing, and usually I can’t even close the program except by using the Task Manager.

This will happen over and over. If I restart the computer, usually IE will come up working fine after that.

I figured somehow the program got slightly munged, so I used Firefox and DLed what Microsoft said was the latest version of IE for my W7 64 bit computer. (Yes, I haven’t upgraded to W10 despite nagging.) Anyway, the MS website points me to this file: IE11-Windows6.1-X64-en-us.exe

When I try to run that file it stops almost immediately, saying it can’t install because I have a newer version already installed.

According to IE ‘about’ (when I manage to get it running after restarting the computer) I have IE11


update version 11.0.27

So…what should I do? Uninstall IE, and then install the Downloaded version? Or is there some sort of way to tell it to install regardless of the current version? Or is this a sign or something worse/other gone wrong?

I use MSE essentials which is fully up to date and hasn’t reported any problems – though I’ve only done a ‘quick scan.’