IE 5.01 - 128-bit SSL upgrade

      • I am trying to download the 128-bit SSL upgrade for IE5.01, and I can’t get shit. After 3-5K, transmission slows to ~100 bits/sec, and then kicks me off, and then restarts at the beginning. The whole file is listed as 213K long, but I can’t get half that. -?- My local ISP has the upgrade on their own site, but after I D/L and run it, nothing changes. The browser info still says only 56 bits and the browser gets rejected from SSL sites. The rest of the entire internet seems to be working as usual.
  • The CD I would have gotten IE5 off of would be either a Vis Studio 6 or Office2K CD(depending on which I reloaded first), both legitimate original current retail versions. I filled out the license info the same, but didn’t bother to register again; it seemed kinda silly. Does that make a difference in what updates they let you download? - MC

Registering is irrelevant in this case. Microsoft in case you haven’t heard have had problems with their web sites, including a DOS attack. Wait until the next day, then try again.