IE won't open linked WordPerfect documents?

My office has all the computers pre-configured with MSIE 6 running on Windows 2000. We are having problems when a web page has a link to a non-HTML document, specifically a Corel WordPerfect document (WordPerfect is our “default” word processor). If you click on the link, you get the “download” dialog box that identifies the document as WordPerfect and asks if you want to Open it or Save it. But if you choose “Open”, nothing happens. You can Save the document and then open it separately with WordPerfect, but you can’t do it in a single operation.

Links to Word files (.DOC) or Text (.TXT) files seem to work as expected, so it may be that there is some sort of disconnect between the Browser and WordPerfect. The Microsoft support pages have been unable to offer any suggestions that I could locate.

Our “help desk” seems to have no idea why this is happening or what to do about it. Installing Mozilla/Firefox is one solution, but the Help Desk doesn’t like that idea, and it’s not feasible for a bunch of unsophisticated computer users anyhow. So can the Teeming Millions offer any practical advice on how to get IE to open our WordPerfect files?