IEXPLORE.EXE won't go away!

I’ve been noticing that after browsing the Web for a while, I have many copies of IEXPLORE.EXE running.

This is on Windows 2000, with Internet Explorer 6.0, with all the latest automatic updates from the Microsoft site.

More detail:
I close all my windows, there’s nothing in my system tray at the bottom of the screen, I bring up Task Manager, and look at the Processes tab. There will be several copies of IEXPLORE.EXE running. I manually select them and “End Process”, until they are all gone. I re-run IE and browse some more pages, close all those windows, and again, several copies of IEXPLORE.EXE! I use several computers with Win2k/IE6, and none of the others do this.

I searched the Microsoft site and Google for mention of this problem, but nothing turned up. (Maybe I just didn’t use the right search criteria.)

Has anyone else seen this on their Win2000/IE6 systems? Anyone know how to fix it?

I could try uninstalling IE6 and re-installing it of course, but I’d prefer to try to fix the problem with a smaller hammer.

Thanks in advance!

Well, is it causing a problem? Is it slowing your computer down?

Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it. A lot of weird stuff happens in that Task Manager, and I’ve found it’s best to ignore it. :smiley:

IE buries itself deep into your system when installed, particularly with Windows Explorer. I suspect that you have an option selected in Windows Explorer that utilises IE.

They’re all indivisible parts of the same operating system. Uncle Bill has sworn as much in court, so it must be true!