If any of y'all in Georgia win that $300 mil, can we come over?

Any of you Dopers in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia playing that big-ass $300 million lottery? 'Cause if you are and you win, I am your new best friend. The biggest our California Lotto ever got was about $180 mil, IIRC. $300 mil has to be a record for the country. Seriously, I hope if one of you guys wins, you will at least post a “nya-nya-nya, I’m rich” thread, and we can all say we knew you when.

pugluvr if I win this thing…and big if btw cause I just bought one quick pick, I promise to have one big ass doper fest. Heck, I’ll even pay for transportation for any over 21 doper (sorry none of you kiddies allowed) who wants to come.

If I win…sure, you can come over. You may have to hang out in my apartment without me here though. I have all of 5 numbers. Guess I have as much of a shot as anyone else, eh?

I swear, it’s like everybody within a hundred mile radius of the state line has taken complete leave of their senses. I guess I can see dropping A buck on the outside chance, like swampbear, but for those people will blow a whole paycheck 'cause they just know they’re gonna hit big one day and retire off the Lotto, we oughta call it what it is – a Stupidity Tax.

The super computer at A Major University[sup]TM[/sup] told me that my chances of winning were the same if I bought a ticket or not. So I didn’t buy a ticket. I’m simply waiting for a call to tell me to come get the money. It’s much cheaper this way…:smiley:

My parents went to Michigan yesterday and got some quick picks, and i have some as well . We play every so often for the hell of it.

I bought two this morning. I know that I ended up getting the wrong tickets. It would not suprise me if I got the Maryland Lotto tickets instead. Yeah I can see me winning now and getting 1 mil.

I swear I have the worst luck with these things. I could buy 40 tickets or so and not have even ONE number right. So anyone wanna help me buy 40 tickets then find the six numbers I don’t have? But hell yeah in the extreme off chance that I win, read I will get hit by lightning, while riding my motorcycle, on a clear day, twice, before I win, I will throw the biggest dopefest ever, in my new house on the 18th green of the TPC in Potomac MD.

I think this marks the 3rd time in my life I bought lotto tickets, once being last week when no one won it, it was ~$200mil then, and once a few years ago when it was ~$150mil.

I dropped $5 on it yesterday. Now my chances are (a much improved) five out of 76 million. I’m already counting that money… :rolleyes:

I’m in two pools at work, so I’ve got a total of 315 chances to win, split either 70 ways or 49 ways. If I do win, my share will be so small that it will hardly be worth mentioning. Nope, no need to be knocking on my mailbox asking for some beer money. Nosiree.

Dog my cats, now it’s at $325 mil, or it was a couple of hours ago when the story first came up on CNN. I bet it goes a good bit higher before the drawing. What’ll you change your posting name to after you’re a gazillionaire?

My sister who lives in KY asked me to buy her 5 tickets, and I bought 5 for myself, all quick picks. Here is the insane part- I actually AGONIZED over which one was gonna be hers. I finally decided that the one that had my birthday in it is the one I’m going to keep. Sheesh. I hope somebody wins it (preferably me!) because I won’t be able to get within a mile of a gas station or convenience store if it rolls over again.

Today I purchased the winning ticket.
Or more precisely, one of the winning tickets.
It is a function of my luck that if I ever have in my possession the winning ticket for one of these multi-multi-million dollar lotteries, there will be a statistical fluke which will involve a minimum of fifty other people also having winning tickets.

LurkMeister brings to mind a story from a big lottery in PA some years back. I think the jackpot was around $90Mil. Some TV station did an interview with a guy who had one of the winning tickets – you know, “How does it feel to have won the biggest lottery prize in the history of the universe?”

Well, it turned out that the guy was part of a group of some 50 office workers who’d pooled their resources to buy hundreds of tickets, one of which was a winner. And there were something like 70 winning tickets across the state. So the big winner they were interviewing actually had won 1/3500th of the pot. Wow.