if (countries of the world == no army)

countries of the world = peace; // ??

Wow, beginning to think Coldfire has a point. Or maybe bj0rn is just trolling for a rant, at least I hope so.

If {illogic = cereal} then {you = General Mills}, to paraphrase the boss.

If {countries of the world = no armies}, then {wars = won by navies and airforces and militia and mercenaries and … }

If {almost every country of the world = no armies} then {wars = won by the one country that DOES have an army}.

Ummmm, huh?

When in hell’s name did my math teacher become “Grand Chief Grammarian”?

What? No one recognizes a C++ function?

I’m not saying the initial post was clear, exactly. But I would not call it unintelligible. More like, “quirky”.

I agree, it is kind of quirky. Maybe Bjorn was so frustrated with everyone picking on him because he doesn’t speak (write?) very good English, he chose a language that provides some common ground. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I follow the logical test, though, shouldn’t it be more like:

if ( !countriesOfTheWorld.hasArmies() )

The test as written by Bjorn seems to violate type agreement. :slight_smile:

The problem is that “army” is not a valid operator in C++, while “navy” would be. :wink:

Yeah, he probably should have just stuck to C. I mean, is it really worth the hassle of type checking just to get those nifty // comments?

Well, of course the navy goes to C. WHere else?

Thank you, CK, it took your comment for me to finally get Polycarp’s joke. :slight_smile:

cout << "Now now, Spiritus, Microsoft has supported the // comments in its compilers since Microsoft C (not C++, just C) version 5.0.

Darn, forgot the semicolon. ;

if (countriesOfTheWorld.numberOf()==0) then {
else if (countriesOfTheWorld.numberOf()==1) then {
else if (countriesOfTheWorld.numberOf() > 1) then {
countriesOfTheWorld.hasArmies()!= 0
//catch exceptions
try {
countriesOfTheWorld.numberOf() = 2;
catch (aException theVatican) {
out.println(“not a real country anyhow”);


Some Java for this afternoon…

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Microsoft + C.

Yin meets Yang.

Spiritus fails me.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

You people are weird. No wonder we have a Y2K problem.

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Spiritus, either “Yin” or “Yang” is way way too complimentary a label to give to Microsoft.

Do yourself a favor and never EVER develop Visual C++ applications for Windows CE devices. shudder


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It´s not the army that starts a war, those damn politicians are to blame for it like always with all bad things in this world.

If the whole world were under a the communist goverment of let’s say China then there would be no wars… and no freedom of speech and no human rights etc. etc.