"If David Lynch did an advert for bacon, it might look a lot like this"

In 1907, this is what passed for entertainment.

Not only did it inspire the funniest YouTube comment ever, the last 20 seconds will guarantee that you’ll never sleep again!

I do not hesitate what so ever to speak for everyone when I say, what the fuck?

Why does she take his clothes? :confused:

Which comment?

The one he used to title this thread, I’m guessing.

Oui oui, oink oink.

In the immortal words of Tom Servo (or was it Crow T. Robot), “Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel”.

I actually recoiled from my computer when the tongue came out.

Easier access to give him a blow job like she did in the last 20 seconds.

The teeth…ohgodtheteeth…

Some beer just came out of my nose.

It’s like a fur suit fetish video for steampunks.

That, for me, wins funniest comment in the thread. Can you imagine those two subcultures getting together?

I liked the part where she finally consents to like him.

Right after he tells her, ‘I have a corkscrew-shaped penis!’

And why does he only realize he has no pants on until she removes his jacket???

That pig’s tongue is freaky.