if i bought this, would i get screwed?


i got a piece of junk email about this ring. they’re claiming it’s a $60 ring which they are giving away for free!*

i don’t know if it’s really a nice ring, but it looks like a very pretty piece of costume jewelery that i might be willing to pay the $5 shipping&handling to get.

the question is, what’s the catch? i can’t find it. surely they’re not just giving this away without even trying to get you to sign up for something or join something or buy something. what am i missing here?

*yeah, right.

  1. Why is a company called ‘Publisher’s Choice’ selling jewelry?
  2. What’s the name of the gemologist?
  3. Can we get a copy of the appraisal
  4. Insurance costs?
  5. If you’re not satisfied, you can return the item for prompt return of the purchase price which is, if I’m not mistaken, NOTHING? They won’t return the s/h and insurance cost, though…
  6. If it’s an internet-only offer, how come you have to dial a 1-800 number to order it? Haven’t they ever heard of buying things online? Incompetents.
  7. That gemologist’s from the Diamond District. What’s he gonna know about amethysts? Diamonds, sure, but amethysts?
  8. 1.18 carats… that’s about the size of a BB. Nowhere near as big as it seems to be in the picture. Those freshwater pearls are going to be eensy little things, too.

But hey. It’s only $4.95. What are the chances that your junk mail/spam will increase geometrically if you go for it?

Just a WAG but I doubt the ring cost any more than that to produce.

If you like it, by all means get it.

But for the record,
*amethyst is not a rare gemstone.
*So what if there are minor elements of the Crown Jewels that incorporate amethyst. They’re hardly the “featured” stone.
*They’re “often worn by Bishops in the Catholic Church”? Well la ti da.
*Master craftsman? Could be a master nosepicker too.
*Gold? Electroplate. Opacity of Saran Wrap.

I’m not trying to be a downer, I just want you to realize beforehand it’s probably not going to be a real durable item.

Caveat emptor.

Right you are, Ethilrist…
Angel, expect an onslaught of spam.

i’m not too worried about spam – i got it in my yahoo mail which is almost totally spam, anyway. so much so that my outlook express dumps everything from that account into a junk mail folder except for those from a few select email addresses.

also, if it turns out to be a really crappy ring, i’ll give it to my three-year old step-daughter.

all i want to know is what the catch is. do i have to join a club? do i have to buy a magazine? do i have to give them my soul? i don’t see anything like that, but i honestly don’t believe that they’re just giving this ring away.

They might lose a little on the ring, but can hopefully sucker you in for something more expensive, which they can make a big profit on.

A browse of their website uncovered the following:

The ring is actually part of a pearl and amethyst collection with a cost of $59.85. So if you happen to go for the $4.95 ring, they will try their very best to sell you the whole collection. Plus they have lots of junk they can offer you such as a recording of Dean Martin singing country music! :eek:

ah, that explains it. i wonder why they don’t mention or link to it on the website they sent me? i guess they’re probably planning to tell me all about it when i call?

well, haha, i can fool them. i’ll just order it from their website! let them spam me all they want, it just gets deleted anyway.

They are just trying to get your phone nbr & personal information so they can sell you more stuff…that ring is worth all of 5 dollars since you can buy one like it at a local store probably for that much. Probably not a platinum setting :slight_smile:

Do you have to give them a credit card number to buy it? Just think what they might be able to do with the credit card numbers of a few hundred suckers, before the page disappears and the “sellers” vanish off the face of the Earth.

As for the value… Well, I once bought a real pretty chunk of amethyst the size of my fist for five bucks. If anything, this ring is probably even lower quality.

I once wanted one emerald so I called the country where they originate (based on some book I bought saying how to do this). They had an office in the Virgin Islands (but were south american). Well for $100 they would sell me a huge one, about one inch dia & 7 inches high still attached to the rock. I didn’t get it; but its more practical to get them from the miners.