I just bought an engagement ring!

What’s more stressful than trying to figure out cut, clarity, color & carat? Not to mention after all the silly stats, will she like it? Is it the right ring for her?

Well, she’s the right one for me. (In fact, she rules.) And I’m pretty certain that she’ll love this ring. Simple, elegant, and VS1 Colorless(F).

Waitaminute…VS1?? What the heck does that mean? They used secret diamond codes to distract and confuse me. I’m just a guy…I didn’t stand a chance…I had to take advantage of the “one-day coupon” he pulled out from the back & I had to nod my head when the sales guy called his manager and…I should just sign this form? No payments/no interest for 90 days? Why sure and um…excuse me, let me wipe the drool from my dumbfounded mouth…what’s that? You want to show me the bigger ones??? Sure she’s worth it…and…and…and…

(Runs away and lurks on the SDMB to relax)

OK…I just read about 27 pages of the “a” thread and I’m calmer now.

I’m looking at it & it’s perfect. She will love it. I feel good about it. In fact, I just about turned around and walked at one point dealing with the sales guy & he came down to my price to keep me in the store. That’s right. I was the man in that negotiation. I was the boss. I showed him. Boo-Yeah!

I think.

Seriously. I feel really good about this. I’m comfortable with what I got & what I paid. I also know that she will love it. I just wanted to share.

I’m sure it will be sweet, if it comes from you.

But I feel your pain and apprehension. So much so that I am planning a ‘stand-in’ engagement ring - a slightly less expensive model, with a promise to purchase a ring of her choosing at a later date. Not sure if this is a good plan or not.

Any idea about the location of the knee-bended presentation?

That’s what they all say, until they turn out to hate the ring! Nah…My Gal’s not materialistic, so I’m sure she’d love anything I gave her. Years ago for Valentine’s day, when I was a very poor student, I gave her a “Dr. Pepper” bottle cap (the kind that wins a free Dr. Pepper) and she loved it. She still has that bottle cap to this day.

I’ve known folks who have done the “Stand-in” ring and it worked rather well. Some Gals I’ve dated would have none of that, but the-soon-to-be-Mrs.Polley (I hope!) would approve of that idea too. I’ve done quite a bit of research on what she would like, so I think I’m okay in that regard. It all depends upon the Lady and what she likes, I suppose.

Well…My original idea was to return to the place of our first date. Sounds good at first, but on our first date, we went ice skating. I don’t know if I can pull off an ice skating evening in July without rousing her suspicions. So, in other words, I’m still working on it.

It seemed so much easier to plan before I actually had the ring.

So, are you sure it’s the right size?

Not to give you anything more to worry about, but still…

You know her better than I do, but this would not have worked with my wife, I don’t think. For me, part of the idea was that I clearly knew her well enough to get her a ring she would like. If she has a particular image in her mind of what the ring should look like, then you’re best off letting her choose. On the other hand, if she wants to wear something that you’ve chosen because you feel that it will look good on her, then you can’t go wrong.

We went and looked in a few stores at what she did and didn’t like… I got a good idea… and then I designed a ring from scratch and had it custom-made by a jeweler I trusted, so that it perfectly fit the stone I had picked. This got an amazing amount of squeeeeee points, both from the intended recipient, the future mother-in-law, my own mother, and every single one of her female friends.

…not that impressing them did me any good. :wink:

Seven and a half. It’s all good.