If I Made Onion Broth, What Could I Use It For?

I just diced and froze some Cippollini onions; they had very thick tops with lots of onion in them. I often save tops like these for Chicken broth, but I already have so many frozen scallions and even leek tops from recent farm share deliveries, that I’m kind of overwhelmed with alliums. I do want to save my non-onion soup odds-n-ends for chicken broth… hence my question:

If I made onion broth, what could I do with it?

If its important, in soup-related news I also have the bone from a smoked pork chop, some parmesan cheese rinds, and most of the typical household spices.

You can use it to steam shellfish or cook meats. Make a beef barley soup instead of chicken noodle. Or use it in place of water when cooking rice. You could also reduce and thicken it for use on pastas or in casseroles.

I’d never thought about saving my onion tops for broth, I do believe I’m going to pick up the habit.

Gravy! (swoon)