If I offer you a beer, can you take a second?

I had a couple people over at my apartment for a little bit before we headed out to a bar. I offered everybody a beer. One finished hers and then went into my fridge and got another. She did pour half into a glass and split it with me though. It was also the last one. She was a guest of my friend, not my friend.

Is that an etiquette faux pas, or not?

I’ll ask before getting another. I tell my guests I have an ‘open fridge’ and they can help themselves.

I think it’s rude- I wouldn’t just go into someone’s refrigerator that I hardly knew. Weird, IMHO.

Definetly rude. While I’d never hesitate giving a beer to a friend, or a friend of a friend, they should atleast ask first.

Maybe you just made her feel right at home.

The ultimate faux pas is to take the last one, IMO. That’s a beatin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to helping yourself; it would be ok if the host says something to that effect. The guest should ask in any other case.

I just had friends over for drinks last night, including a friend of a friend. Friend should know by now she’s welcome to whatever is in my fridge and cupboard, whenever she wants it. I handed FOAF the bottle of vodka (since I was having trouble opening it), and let him pour one. He asked before going to get another one, at which point I said “go for it”, and told him he could have whatever he wanted. I thought it was nice of him to ask. I’m very liberal with my booze :slight_smile:

But if it was the last beer? I’d definately expect a “hey, can I have the last beer” called out from the fridge.


::accepts beer from Snarky_Kong, and gives full attention for one second::

Sorry :wink: I agree that the behavior described is rude and inappropriate. If someone invited me over and had a full case sitting on the floor and did a “help yourself” invite several times over, that’s a different story, but to go to the fridge and take someone’s last beer? Uh uh.

Guy law where I live is that you can have either the last beer, or the last slice of pizza, but not both.

If there is no pizza, then you should ask the owner of the fridge if you can have the last beer, unless you intend to make an immediate beer run to replenish the supply.

My house has an open-fridge policy, and once you’re here three times you will not be offered anything - you will be expected to get it yourself.

It’s a bit rude, but you couldn’t have told her no if she asked without being rude too (even if it was the last one), so it’s the same result in the end.

In my house, help yourself. It saves me the trouble of scurrying around like a waiter. If I’m the guest in your place, I’ll probably ask.

However, if you start slamming down shots of my best Bourbon, I’ll wonder why I never noticed you were a dimwad before. :wink:

Oh, and the last beer? At my house? The last time I ran out of beer was two dogs ago. :smiley:

:smiley: Seriously. I have a keg on tap in my second refrigerator.

I too am puzzled about the last beer. Was there a hurricane or something that prevented you from having no less than a case on hand at all times? :wink:

Anyway, I don’t really care if anyone in my home helps themselves to whatever they want. The good stuff is out of reach anyway, and the regular stuff is there for consumption. None of it was slated to go into the booze museum in the first place. However, if it just so happened that someone did grab the last one, just make sure you say that you’re having the last one so I’d know and we’d be good.

Not a big deal in my opinion. Of course maybe I just say that because I was offered a beer at my Aunt’s house last night and drank like 5 more without asking. :wink:

Hmmmmm…since this was pre-drinking I’d kind of assume that there was some serious drinking to be done that night. I’ve never had an occasion where I was offered one, but ONLY one beer and considering it sounds like there was much drink to be had that night I can understand where she was coming from.

From my experience when one offers beer they offer their supply provided one is not a glutton. I would have stayed with one personally, but I wouldn’t blame anybody that took another.

I dunno. In my house it is open fridge policy. But I don’t think I would help myself in most people’s houses. If I were over at your place regularly and we drank together often, I might.

Clearly the answer depends on intention. If they took another beer because either they thought you had implied it was ok when you offered the first one, or because that’s the regional or cultural behavior they were brought up to be used to, then it’s not rudeness. If they realized that it might offend you and did it anyway because they are selfish or self-important then it was rude. In any case, you can certainly feel free to take the last beer from their fridge should you be at their house…

I’d ask “do you mind if I get another beer?” and expect the reply “Sure, help yourself!” Not because I feel entitled or anything, it’s just that that’s how my circle of friends works.

This is a bit different, since she was a ‘guest of a friend’.