If I pay to subscribe to SDMB, can I be banned?

If I pay to subscribe to SDMB, can I be banned? Will I get my money back?

From Ed’s original message announcing the change:

Who likes that part? You would take someone’s $ based on another’s opinion to ban that user. I can’t imagine any human, unless an out patient, liking that …

The only ones who are ever banned without warning are those who return after being banned before, i.e.: sockpuppets. Everyone else gets at least one warning, sometimes two or three. Other times, a banning is caused by a glitch in the system and can be easily fixed.

Don’t want to forfeit your (general your) subscription fee? Change your (general again) act after the first warning because it just might be your (and again) last. Quite simple, really.

Hey Biere, lucky you didn’t pay SDMB to subscribe!


What a deal. He got banned for free!


It was a great deal! Got banned for free and is still counted as a SDMB member! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite… Someone who registers solely to spam or to commit illegal acts will also be banned immediately. But in my experience, I’ve never seen a person with even one non-banworth post get banned with no warning at all.

Ah, yes. Forgot about those.

Let me try an analogy. You buy a ticket to a concert. While at the concert, you are selling illegal drugs. The cops arrest you and haul you out before the concert is over. You think the concert hall is going to refund your ticket money?

I like that part.

If the mods couldn’t ban trolls, imagine what a cesspool this board would turn into. And forfeitng the subscription fee is just more incentive to avoid being banned.