If I ruled the SDMB I would... (Now with 100% less Zotti Bashing)

If I ruled the SDMB I would put a moratorium on Palin threads, except those pertaining to the lovely Michael.

What would you do if you ruled the SDMB?


I don’t want to rule the SDMB - I’ll vote for you though, on the basis of this manifesto.

I would make the time between searches something more tolerable, like 30 seconds.
Either that or limit the number of searches per hour or per day for each member. Maybe 10 per hour and/or 20 per day. Something like that.

Have you seen Palin? MILF!

I’d close the If I were Ed Zotti… thread.

What? :slight_smile:

I’d create an ‘American Politics’ subforum of GD with the rules equivalent to those in the BBQ Pit, because really, I’m getting sick of Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden, who called whom a nasty name and whose cousin twice removed’s nephew’s step-brother has flatulent irritable bowel syndrome and the like.

I’d annex the Sudetenland.

I’d go back to the original Forum Concept, which is that forum placement is dictated by the type of discussion, not the topic.

Questions with factual answers go in GQ, regardless of whether they’re about sports, politics, movies, or barn houses. Serious debates go in GD. Light-hearted debates go in IMHO. Game threads–threads where the posters are actually playing a game, as opposed to asking questions about games–go in the Game Room. Random thoughts go in MPSIMS. Flames go in the Pit. Then, I’d abolish Cafe Society.

Anyone can create a message board with different forums for different topics. Here’s a forum for movies, here’s a forum for sports. Whippee-do, how original. Whoops, here’s someone who thinks TV shows should be separated from movies with a forum of their own; let’s argue about that for a while.

The uniqueness of this board–the brand identity, if you will–was the stylistic forums and the “fighting ignorance” concept. You attract a certain type of poster in GQ, and it gets moderated a certain way, and it works better for questions with factual answers about say, baseball, than does the Game Room.

Knock it off with the subject-matter forums, I say!