If I want it, it's gone

Thanks for the heads up. I just looked on their website, and they only seem to carry slim cases (which I can’t use), at nearly twice what I just paid for regular cases online. I got 200 single cases and 100 doubles for $50… but the shipping was $30. It’s the only option I have to buy jewel cases now. But I’ll be good for cases for several months.

Tropical sugar-free popsicles.

Kroger stopped stocking them, then WalMart, Piggly Wiggly and Al’s Foodland. Until Publix came to town, I had to take my cooler into Nashville to stock up on them. Everybody carries the regular cherry-grape-orange assortment and some have the diet Dr Pepper-diet A&W root beer-diet orange crush which are both ok, but the orange-mango ones in the tropical are addictive and hard to find.

I cannot, for the life of me, find the ‘guava’ flavor of Rockstar Juiced at the local store. They have every other flavor. Even the nasty sugar free stuff. Pomegranate. The citrus. No more guava. No more pretty purple cans and fruity pungent juice that keeps me awake.

I used to go there every day or two and buy them. They are actually cheaper there than to purchase in bulk online, I tried to look into it. I am not willing to pay that much in shipping for drinks. Ugh.

It was the only fruit-based energy drink that didn’t taste like total ass, or ruin the inside of my mouth. I have a problem with acidic citrus fruits, like orange, and almost all the fruit-based energy drinks have a high level of orange juice/pulp/whatever in them. The pomegranate is okay, but a little too pungent for me to drink as regularly as the guava.

I miss my guava.

I see them at supermarkets further away, sometimes, and generally grab all I can carry.