If I were a Traffic Cop

What traffic infraction bugs you? If you were a Traffic Cop, what violations would you be sure to write up?

For Starters: Idiots who don’t turn on their headlights at night, or in fog, or in (heavy) rain. With the exception of a few cars in really bright colors, you become invisible without your headlights. As an added bonus, esp. in hard, driving rain, I would summon the idiot back to my ‘black-and-white’ to receive their ticket. Why should Traffic Cop Me get wet for an idiot?

Now, what’s your favorite(?) ticketable offense (or offence, for you Brits).

I don’t know the actual infractions, but how about Generally Driving Like a Moron.

Slamming the brake/accelerator in the snow.

Changing lanes without signalling -OR- looking (on top of me, I might add)

Driving significantly below the speed limit for no apparent reason.

One word: Rubbernecking.

Talking on the phone, reading the paper, and having a cup of coffee WHILE DRIVING!!! These people should be summarily executed.

Speeding up to try to prevent people from getting on the freeway at an on-ramp. What the hell are you thinking???

I have more. But I’m bitter. I’ve driven in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco, to name the big ones. I’ve seen my share of 'em

Wow. This can be fun.

As mentioned above, the people that don’t turn their lights on at night. But I would add those that drive with only their parking lights.

Anyone not staying within 5 MPH under the limit. As far as going over, it should be judged on a case by case basis.

Morons that won’t let other drivers to pull out of parking lots.

People with cars that stink worse than my bathroom after Christmas dinner.

People that can’t stick their car between the lines when parking. (And if your SUV is too big, too bad. Park it around back.)

Although this does remind me of a saying I heard once:

You ever notice how anyone going slower than you are is a moron, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.