If *I* were in a zombie apocolypse like Walking Dead...

…I’d head to Disneyland or Six Flags or something like that.

They have all kinds of built in fences, and trenches, and fake castles and forts. They might have emergency generators.

…and rides of course.

Let’s see:

[li]Raid a food distribution warehouse and stock up on supplies.[/li][li]Raid a sporting goods store and arm myself up.[/li][li]Find a mansion distant from a major city.[/li][li]Live quietly in the mansion, occasionally shooting the odd zombie or unfriendly raider who made it out to where I was at.[/li][li]Wait until civilization reconstitutes itself (if it ever does)[/li][li]If it does not, then make some hard decisions.[/li][/ol]

I wouldn’t be with Rick Grimes’s group. The man is an idiot who constantly makes bad decisions. His people die.

What’s up with his group always driving beat-down hoopties and shit? There is a world of brand new cars out there yet this moron never thinks about gathering up a whole fleet of them.

Do a google search for cell extraction armor or red man suits. My rule: No fire team (4) goes outside without suiting up. Everyone carries machetes. No one gets bit. Easy.

I would be just fine in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies aren’t even a real threat. It is the living, breathing normal survivors you gotta plan for. The guns, perimeter defenses and kill zones are for them. Set up a FOB with a rotating watch bill. The military does this shit every day right now and successfully defends against threats much more capable than the civilian survivors and zombies of the apocalypse.

So: do what the Army and Marines are doing in Afghanistan.

Oddly enough that’s my EMP plan too. :smiley:

Well actually the first one is. If all my power went out and I noticed all the cars had stopped too…I’d walk down to the grocery store, bribe the manager with $1000* cash to let me fill up a couple of grocery carts with whatever I wanted and take the carts home with me.

Course, I’d feel pretty dumb if it was somehow some sort of localized event.

*Under the assumption that he doesn’t know what’s up.

That’s just what the main cast did in


It didn’t work out all that well.

The problem I see with Disneyland for the apocalypse is that you need sources of food and fresh water.

I’d much rather head to the country. Find a nice farmhouse with a good wall. Build the wall if you have to - zombies are not the smartest things and they don’t climb, so you don’t need anything too complex. The farmhouse will have its own well and septic system so that you have fresh water and waste treatment on site. It should have its own generators. In addition, you can do your own farming and supplement that with some hunting and gathering.

Other survivors are potentially your biggest threat, and they might take some more work to prepare to defend against, but a farmhouse is going to be your best bet for avoiding too much attention.

That works for them because they are…well…an actual army.

I think the problem is that for every idea people have, there will be thousands of other people with the same idea.

Not sure you’d have to bribe him if he doesn’t know what’s up; you could simply pay for your groceries.

Not sure how we “reconstitute” if the survivors shoot the other survivors… The show has some pretty tiny groups now.

Yeah… you could give them the $1000 after they rang you up.

I imagine something like this.

To paraphrase Garrett Morris:

I’m gonna get me a shotgun & kill all the zombies I see
I’m gonna get me a shotgun & kill all the zombies I see
When I kill all the zombies I see
then zombies they won’t bother meeee
I’m gonna get me a shotgun & kill all the zombies I see

Step 1A - the right vehicle to escape in. A real 4wd,not a poser. Cargo capacity, industrial roof rack. Diesel preferably. The electrical co-op about 1/2 mile from my house has exactly what I want. i go there first.

Step 1B - (humor) A gorgeous but low maintenance “partner”

Step 2 - fuel. fill up the tank and every single gas can I can find.

Step 3 - lay in the arsenal. Firepower is good. Ammo is good. Heavy weapons if possible. I know a few places to hit.

Step 4 - Bass Pro Outlet - guns, plus camping gear. Also every single bottle of fuel preservative I can get my hands on. Dehydrated food, hikers water purification system, fishing gear.

Step 5- A defensible position. I’d go for a building with few entrance points, few windows, preferably none on the ground floor. But at the same time I want multiple escape routes. I think I would head for my old college campus. Multiple brick buildings with relatively few access points. And (not many people know this) most of the buildings on the old part of the campus are connected via underground tunnels used for steam pipes. Good last resort escape routes.

Nice-to-haves -

[li]a set of “how things work” books.[/li][li]works of literature[/li][li]solar cells for electricity[/li][li]off-road motorcycle - supply runs and escape last resort[/li][/ul]

All sensible stuff - but then the show you’re living in becomes Zombie Apocalypse Meets The Good Life (for those who remember the 1970’s British show) and once you’ve dug the deep ditch and barbed-wired off your bastion then your daily routine is pretty boring for the viewers to watch.

You forgot an addendum to #3 & #4. “Shoot Bill Murray.”

I would forge advanced weaponry that would mostly mitigate the immediate threats posed by zombies. Get enough people together for a phalanx and you could murder ridiculous amounts of walkers.

You’d want a boar spear, you know, with the cross beam that prevents the stabbee from crawling up the shaft to attack you. And probably another stick type thing to help scrape stubborn corpses off your spear so you can continue to use it effectively.

I’d stay far away from any nuclear power plants.

In case of a zombie apocalypse, I’d be dead. From the show, anyone who knows how to fly an aircraft has snuffed it.

I don’t really understand the math of a zombie apocalypse. They move very slowly, and really aren’t great at strategy. Their main tactic is swarm and subdue, but that takes large numbers and has a high casualty rate, especially if the swarmee has a high-powered automatic rifle, which, based on my research, is usually.

So, I’d try to lie low, avoid swarms of zombies, and let them and the NRA duke it out. That’s basically what I do now.