If it weren't for that horse...

I work in a hospital. In the main corridor there is a series of large portraits of not only great doctors but great thinkers. Like Alberts Sweitzer and Einstein. One portrait is of an elderly Helen Keller and her elderly companion Polly Thompson (the only “double” portrait in the corridor). As I was walking by just now a woman stopped to look at it, and said to her friend “Wow, this is a great one! Come here, you have to see this!”

So the friend looked at it and said “Wow, that is great. But how come there’s two of her? Oh wait, I get it. In one she’s not wearing her glasses.”

Blood is shooting out my nose.

That’s what you get, tdn, for spending that year in college.

Yeah, I know. If I’d never gone to college with Helen Keller and her twin sister Helen, both of didn’t wear each other’s glasses, I never woulda spent that year at I-Hop.

… which really made things hard on their sister Lauren, who was constantly going through life introducing them: “Hi, I’m Lauren, this is my sister Helen, and this is my other sister Helen.”

I headdesked just reading that.

Ha! That’s easy to remember – Helen’s the one with the glasses.

Which one has the hearing aid?


And I’ll bet she can’t even figure out the rate structure for cell phone plans.

(Hippity hop, hippity hop, let’s goooo…)


What? Franco’s dead?

Still dead, yep.

<hijack> Just wanted to chime in that I’ve never heard the term “headdesked” before but somehow, instantly knew what it meant. Ow! </hijack>


It’s just so… descriptive.