If Joe Biden had run in 2016, President Bernie?

A very good point. Sanders kept moving the goalposts and Clinton screwed up by letting Sanders basically dictate the party platform. Platforms are irrelevant but the insanity of letting Cornel West onto the platform committee and then have him turn around and endorse Stein was utter bullshit to try to appease the die hard Bernie or Bust crowd.

Dividing that vote doesn’t guarantee Sanders the nomination.

A plurality of delegates isn’t enough. It takes a majority. If all three stay in deep enough to make it a real three way race, it’s hard for any of them to get a majority on the first vote. Since it’s unlikely that Sanders gets more pledged delegates with Biden in the race than he did without him, his only route to a first ballot selection is the super delegates going overwhelmingly for him. After the first vote the rest of the Party, that just isn’t as left as Sanders, heads into the proverbial smoky back room. Maybe they pick Sanders as the candidate with a plurality. Maybe the centrists unite around a candidate closer to the centrist majority of the party like Clinton or Biden.

Again, COULD a different Democrat have won? Sure.

But would either Biden or Bernie have excited the apathetic black voters? No. They still would have stayed home.

Moreover, would either have won over those Republicans who were having doubts about Trump? Maybe, but I can’t see it. Bernie Sanders might have convinced those people to vote for Trump enthusiastically rather than reluctantly.

I was not a Biden fan in 2008, or when he ran before. I think he distinguished himself as VP. I’m not sure how the race would have turned out, but using his 2008 flop as evidence of unelectability in 2016 is ignoring that he had a biggesr national and international stage than Clinton had during the same years.

He might have kept some traditional Democratic voters that defected or home in key states she narrowly lost - union households. She won the group but only by 8 points nationwide. That’s the worst a Democrat did with union households since Mondale got crushed in 84. Obama won the demographic by 18 points in 2012. It’s a smaller portion of the electorate now but it is still pretty important in states like MI and OH. Trump actually beat her by 9 points among Ohio union household voters. That’s a 32 point swing from 2012 where Obama won by 23 points. There was also a 20 point swing in MI between 2012 and 2016 ( +13 for Clinton vs +33 for Obama.) Cite