If John Edwards and Rielle Hunter can't make it, who CAN?!

And I was so sure those adorable kids would be together 4-evah! The good news is, ladies, John Edwards is back on the market.

He still owes me $700!

Hard to imagine the back-breaking straw would be the tell-all book. I caught part of her interview on 20/20 on Friday and as recently as then she was claiming they were still together. (I think. Didn’t care enough to be actually listening.)

His first marriage worked out so well, it’s hard to believe he couldn’t make a second work just as well. What a guy!

I heard - from congress - that “John Edwards’ Mistress” is a super high-paying position!

She’s trash, he’s scum. His trial is over, and step #1 of his Image Rebuilding Plan was obviously “lose the whore”.

Can they get along? Find out this fall on Fox’s new sitcom “Get Rielle!

Wait, wouldn’t Mr. Edwards technically always be on the market? Considering how “off” the market he considered himself during marriage?

Together, they fight crime!

Or maybe “are a crime.”

Trying to care…

Nope – not working.

Actually, I am kind o’ curious to see what woman he winds up with next.

I think it’s sad, considering there’s a small child involved. I was kind of hoping they’d make it for her sake. But I saw video of him with the little girl at the beach and he was completely disconnected from her, not paying any attention to her at all, and I thought, wow, John Edwards is a narcissistic douchebag??! Say it isn’t so!

I remember when he was the Left’s new Bobby Kennedy and from out here in California he seemed kinda fresh and interesting at least. Then I talked to my leftie friend in North Carolina and got the earful. She said, we all know he’s a total creep, everyone loathes him out here. Don’t be fooled.

This was a good while before the slime started coming out of his eyeballs and the suppurating sores appeared on his face and he started dragging that foot.

I know – right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, I didn’t think he’d leave her until she had a life-threatening disease.

A relationship conceived from lies, deception, self-deception, a sense of entitlement, and a belief that the rules don’t apply if they get in the way of satisfying one’s basest appetites didn’t work out?

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tells ya.

My guess based on Edwards’ history of classy behavior: he was shacking up with Hunter while he looked around for somebody new. He’s apparently found his next future ex-wife and so he dumped Hunter.

Hey, now that Rielle is available, maybe she can get back together with Jay McInerney. His fourth marriage must be almost over by now.

How bout Scott Peterson’s ex-squeeze?

nm. (not funny)