Mistress of John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, is really, really sorry.

HuffPo link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rielle-hunter/apology_b_4100599.html

She sounds humbled and contrite…and ready to re-boot selling her book, now with humble and contrite revisions!!

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She did the country a favor by exposing Edwards as the jerk he is. The country would have been a far worse place had he gotten the Dem nomination and the scandal broken out afterwards.

Illegitimate kids and their baby mamas need clothes and shoes and food too, y’know. It’s not like anybody will hire her at this point. Except maybe the adult film industry.

Fair point.

Their lovechild is growing up fast and cute as a button.


I feel dirty, just reading the OP.

They are always sorry after they get caught.

It’s not like she can say* I’m glad for what I did, it made me happy and was fun, it’s not my fault if some people got hurt they just need to grow up and get over it.*

Maybe there wouldn’t have been a scandal at all if she had kept a professional distance in her relationship with him from the start, and not given in to her crush or infatuation. Just because you find yourself falling for someone doesn’t mean you have to jump off the cliff. Many, many women have been attracted to married men and still managed not to mess up lives.

It seems like the original version of her tell all book was closer to that. She also said a lot of negative things about Elizabeth Edwards in that version.
However, if you look on Amazon, you’ll see that version of the book was panned by almost everyone, not surprisingly. Now she’s trying to see if this approach sells better.

Looking at the “sample” pages on Amazon for the old version, I noticed that Rielle apparently had fights with “Johnny” about the other women he was sneaking around with and got really upset that he kept a cell phone that one of the other women provided him with. How dumb does someone have to be to expect loyalty from a guy who is cheating on his wife?

This is true.

Also according to the book ‘the politician’ Hunter seems to have tricked Edwards into getting her pregnant by claiming she ‘couldn’t get pregnant’, implying Edwards didn’t need birth control. She made out pretty well. She trapped the man she loved with a baby and made millions in the process.

Do you want a president who falls for that? The fact that he used money donated for anti-poverty programs to hide his mistress didn’t help either. The book the politician is an excellent book on the Edwards situation.