If money were no object, how would you spend your time?

Let’s say, hypothetically, you win the lottery, and opt to have monthly payments of $25,000 for the next 50 years. Since you don’t need to work anymore, what do you do?

I think the first thing I’d do would be to buy a big new truck and very nice trailer, and take a trip around the U.S. I’d take at least a year, and stop in every state capital (including Alaska, but maybe not Hawaii. I’d fly there for about two weeks or so).
After that. . . .not sure! I’d probably buy a house near where I live, and sit down to think about what I’d do with myself (while paying off my student loans at five times the rate they’re due, of course). might start a business like a newstand or a gun shop, and be content if it breaks even. I’d be perpetually enrolled in a major school, probably Ohio State, and take nothing but philosophy and history classes, until there was nothing left for me to take. Then I might move on to medical school. After that, law school!

Travel and school for me too Lizard. I am the only person I know who thinks that law school would be fun.

I would like to travel out side of the US as well though. Perhaps have my RV shipped to Europe. And then retire on a tropical island. With a cabana boy to bring me lemonade while I study by the pool under an umbrella…

I like to think I’d travel and go to school, too, but I’d probably spend all my time making sure I didn’t get robbed by the financial folks handling the $25,000 A MONTH!!! and dodging the people scrabbling for a piece of it. :frowning:


Two farmers were discussing this question.
One of them decided to do exactly as you described.
The other decided to just keep on farming until it was all gone.

I’d travel as well, but I wouldn’t go the RV route. I’d travel whereever possible by train - explore the US, and then head up to Canada, then over to Europe and onward.

Always first class, of course.

When I wanted to stop in a city for a couple of days, I’d hunt for a delightful little hotel or B&B, rent a car if I was in a town where I needed one and take the time to explore.

Student loans would have been paid off immediately, and I’d have found a small little house somewhere, perhaps Maine, that I could call home. It’d have one room just for the library, and at least two floors (I’ve always wanted to live in a house with an upstairs). It would have to have a garden, and it definitely wouldn’t be in an urban location - fairly far out, but close enough that I could get to town when I had to.

And I’d go to school, and learn all the languages I ever wanted to but didn’t have time. Take any class that appealed to me, just because it sounded interesting.


Science. Philosophy. History. Every day for about 10 years or so.
That would be so excellent. The thought of it makes my insides smile.

After that, I don’t know…

Damn hamsters ate my post…

Anyway, I think that I’d do travel and other fun things, maybe make more babies and watch them grow…

I think that once the work/time/money constraint mentality faded away, I’d probably think of things I hadn’t previously.

I’d also be afraid that kicks would just keep getting harder to find, to the point where I’m throwing virgins into volcanos or something…:eek:

Book a chalet or a holiday resort somewhere out of this world, get the few friends I have to come together, have a game of D&D (or maybe two), chat and just spend time together.

Heck, even if I have a million this might not happen.

Why stop there? If I had that kind of money the world would be my playground for at least the next 5 years.

It’s a great big comfortable planet when you’re rich and have the sense not to fret about accumulating more.

Travel, read, maybe be a financial “angel” to a few independent comic book publishers.

And spend quality time with my brand-new harem.

You knew I was getting around to that, didn’t you?

travelling… but not 5 star. i’d backpack it, baby.

mountain biking

volunteering with seniors

volunteering at the animal shelter

shopping in thrift stores

learning to surf

take some art classes

maybe be a private detective and follow and stalk fugatives across the globe!

I’ve always liked the idea of getting a sailboat and just wandering around the Mediterranean or the South Pacific, stopping any place that took my fancy. Actually, it would probably be really hard to spend $25,000 a month once the boat was paid for, so I suppose I’d spend a lot of time researching charities to give the rest of the money to.

Read. Get some serious study done, in physics probably. Save!! that $25,000/month is not going to buy nearly as much in 30, 40 or 50 years time. Study the ins and outs of turnig it into more money.

Travel. Private plane abroad complete with a nanny and tutor for the children.

Buy the Powers That Be who run this place a new server.

I would never cook or clean again. ( I kinda avoid it anyways now.)

Set family and close friends up for life.

Education not only for my family and friends, but donating a good chunk to schools in my area.


Start an art collection for a muesum here in my area, as well as a cultural center and a kids-oriented place to do things.

Start a local theater and get Jeff Daniels input on producing good quality things.

Set up scolarship funds for, but not limited too, children who have lost a parent, rural kids, kids of middle class parents, kids from large families, home school kids, kids who mow my lawn for me…

Design an elementary , middle and high school that sets the example for the rest of the country, if not the world, and it would be located here in my own little neck of the woods, not far from the culural center. Focus on academics, rather than jocks, however, physical fitness is required daily by everyone.

Completely selfish whims:

Liposuction, hosting parties with major entertainings playing, massages every day.

Chicken and Porn - at least for the first year.

Just Kidding - I’d travel and buy houses in my favorite places, Sicily, Tokyo, Hawaii etc.

Well, assuming school wasn’t an issue, either:

I would travel all over Europe. I would go there on a cruise ship; I hate long plane flights.

I would learn things to my heart’s content, but not what school wants to teach me- I would research things such as the reason people feel the need for a god, why serial killers do what they do, famous historical figures, etc. (yep…I love when teachers let us choose any topic for our research papers…although I bet that I’m the only one who enjoys them.)



Logic Problems

Spending time with my friends

Lots and lots of school. Any courses I want to take (Paleontology, Law looks cool, Languages)

Lots of travel. Just anywhere I feel like going. Probably lots of cruises, not too much flying.

Open a club my friend wants to open and set him up as a manager.

Buy a house, decorate it how I want to. Definately at least one room devoted to being a library. I’d also have a maid come in like once a week or so. I can handle cooking for myself and some cleaning, but overall I hate it.

Pay off my parents student loans (gained from going back to college in their 40’s).

Take my roomie/best friend to Newfoundland where he keeps talking about going back to.

Probably more things too but I can’t think of them offhand.

I’d buy a couple nice houses, a whole bunch of cars, and whisk off with Gunslinger to see North America from a '52 Hudson Hornet.

Get a new computer every year and spend most of my days programming and doing math (two things I’m not nearly good enough at to get paid for!) also give a whole whack to charities (to be decided by people more knowledgable than I in development work). I would not need to keep more than $100K a year for myself.

Don’t think I haven’t given lots and lots of thought to this question!

I’d start a movie stuido and finanace lots of low-budget digital movies. I’d buy good cameras, great computers, and all the lights you could ever need. In addition to working on my own projects, I would build up a stable of actors and directors. If I saw someone with talent, I’d give them a chance to make a movie with a decent (but not exhorbitant) amount of resources. Personally, I’d spend most of my time writing and directing.

While this would, of course, be a vanity project (since I’m suddenly independantly wealthy!) I would strive to make it a self-sustaining and even profitable venture. I wouldn’t make a movie that cost over $100,000 (and most should cost considerably less than that!), and I would assume that the movies wouldn’t get wide theatrical distribution. I would instead screen them at festivals and through the use of traveling exhibitions like a rock band. I would sell DVDs (produced in house, of course) of the movies for discount prices ($10-$15) both at the “live shows” and from our extenisve, and incredibly cool, Web site.

See, I’m not a greedy man. A horny man, yes, but not a greedy man. I don’t really care about being rich. All I want is enough money to free myself from having to work a job I don’t care about for a living so I can devote all my time to doing my thing. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes.