If Mueller finds non-Russia related illegal activities by Trump, can he pursue them?

As part of the investigation into Russian collusion, Mueller will likely investigate many of Trump’s activities, both in his business and personal life. If he comes across illegal activities not related to Russia, can he pursue it?

I was thinking back about how the investigation into Clinton’s involvement with Whitewater eventually led to his impeachment for lying under oath about having sexual relations with an intern. Although Starr initially was investigating Clinton’s roles in Whitewater and Foster’s death, he was eventually given the authority to investigate the Paula Jones case (and others), which uncovered lying under oath. So it was valid for Starr to go forward with it.

What would happen if Mueller uncovers something illegal, but not related to Russia? For example, if he has reason to believe Trump’s businesses were involved in money laundering, but it it turns out it was for the Mafia, could Mueller expose that? Or would he need Congress to first give him the authority to investigate for money laundering?

My understand is that Ken Starr had to go back to Congress every time he wanted to extend his investigation and that Mueller’s appointment gives him more leeway up front.

Here’s what Wikipedia says “Mueller oversees the investigation into “any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation””

If Mueller finds evidence of more mundane crimes, he can always turn it over to other LE organizations, including the FBI and various state Attorney Generals. For example, the state AG of NY, Eric Schneiderman in investigating the Trump Foundations for fraud, right now.