If size matters, then I don't want anything to do with it!

You can thank my local independent newpaper for finding this gem of a site.

Candice must hurt

This would be a hilarious gift though!

< tehe >

Yeah for independent newspapers!

Hey! I’m tryin’ to get over a cold here and laughing sets off coughing fits. Are you trying to kill me?

If someone tries to jit me with one of those in a pillow fight, I’m leaving!

Hmm, why do you think they make them so small?


It’s illegal to jit during a pillow fight. It’s also illegal to mup, bok and/or lig.

The thought briefly flashed through my mind of holding one of those penis pillows like a body pillow while sleeping and I actually felt momentarily nausious.

OK, I know jit, but you are going to have to explain mup, bok and lig.

That’s one big dick…BTW, did you guys read through the site?

Read all about Dick Johnson LOL…

Why do you think they keep mentioning easy clean-up?


Oh, my BF bought me one of these for my birthday back in May. They are so cool!!! It is *really[/]soft and I died laughing when I read the part about it being “scoth-guarded for easy clean up.” I am so glad someone found the site and shared it.

It works great in pillow fights. Especially when I tell people I beat my BF up with my big penis. Everyone gets a kick outta that!

I noticed they have scotch-guard for easy cleanup on the “bosom buddies” pillows also. And, no, I don’t want to think about what one would need to easily clean up.

I saw that easy clean up too, kind of scary if you ask me!


I really liked in the “About Dick” section how he came up with the idea “after several minutes of research.”

I think I’ve just found out Dick’s secret–he’s a grad student.

Hey, who do you think Mr. Johnson had model for the creation of the penis pillows? That’s right, me!

Hehe, you can choose between creme and cocoa colors.

Finally, an alternative to all the heavy lifting.

Note to self:

Must kick techie’s butt for the thread title.

Wow, are those life-size?? (Well, excuse ME for being deprived! I think I’ll go run and hide now)

I want one of those. It might be a useful substitute for the next few months. It could be my temporary pet penis. Plus it’s cute.

No offense hypergirl, but if that thing fits, uhhhhh, I don’t even want to finish that thought.