If somebody helped you on "Who wants to be a Millionaire"..

How much if anything would you give a friend that you phoned to help you out with a question you didn’t know?

This show has just started here and I’ve phoned a few times hoping to get on. : crosses fingers :

So here’s what I think would be fair.

Up to 8K = buy them a few drinks.
16k = 1k
32k = 2k
64k = 5k
125k = 10k
500k = 50k
1000k = 100k

Do you think this is fair? Is it too much?

Also how would you deal with it if they helped you get the 32k question and afterwards you got to the 1000k?

Well, yeah, it would depend upon the final amount you managed to win, I would think.

Also, you have to think that if you win 32k (or any amount for that matter), you’re going to be taxed to the bejesus-belt, so in this instance, you’d prob’ly end up with ~16k out of which you’re giving them 2k? Pretty healthy thanks, I’d say.

BTW, do you think Cecil would agree to be the guy you could call?

I don’t think I would have to pay tax. We don’t pay taxes on lottery winnings etc. over here. :slight_smile:

erm, I think 8K should get them more than just a few drinks!! Above that, though, the scale looks fair.

BTW yojimbo you have my # if you need help with any of your questions :wink:

Leeds United were playing Basitkas, a Turkish soccer team, last night and the game was pretty boring for neutrals which led to the commentator to observe the following,

“Apparently there’s about a million Turkish dinars to the Pound(sterling)”
“They tried who wants to be a millionaire on Turkish tv but it was very short”

You’re right ruadh. How about enough money for a lot of drinks. Say £500.

I also think I’ve just stumbled on a way to get girls phone no.'s :wink:

You have my number, too, don’t you Yoji? I can help you with the hillbilly questions!

BTW, did y’all finish off that bottle yet? Cause I’d be more than happy to bring you another…not that I’m missing Dublin or anything.

And if I won, I’d just throw a huge honkin party for all my friends. The smartest person I know is my Dad, so all I’d probably have to get him was some more pork rinds or something.

I don’t think I would have to pay tax. We don’t pay taxes on lottery winnings etc. over here.

I’ll assume you’re kidding because you seem like an intelligent guy. An intelligent drunk guy, but who needs to cast aspersions.

You’ll never receive anything close to what you won on the show. Uncle Sam and Rudy will pocket their share long before you ever see a check.

Furthermore, New York, ahh New York, has a game show tax. When the state and the feds are done flipping you upside down and shaking the change outta your pockets, you’ll get about 55% percent of what Regis said you won.

Cnote the IRS may have a problem getting me considering I’m not American and I’m talking about the game show in Ireland.

Oh, no Chris, I think Yoji is right, he’s in Ireland, you know. Here in Germany they don’t pay tax on lottery winnings either, although as an American I would have to pay the US tax. For some reason, that just pisses me off. Heck, I don’t even want to win the lottery anymore!

Tater I’m working on the bottle right now :wink:

Come back soon, bottle or no bottle :slight_smile:

Just found out that the bottle of white wine that was left after the party was actually a bottle of brandy. Yummy French Coffee.

Well you can just take me off your phone-a-friend list now Yojimbo!

But what if I get a question like :

"What terminal in the *St. Paul International Airport * is named after a famous aviator ?

I’d be screwed without you Chris :frowning:

My mate won £32,000 on the English show. It would have been £250,000 if he’d known where they hung Dick Turpin.

He told me some stuff:

  • the show is recorded a day ahead
  • you can take as long as you like over the questions
  • you can nominate 4 friends

So should you give any money to the 3 friends you don’t use?

I remember that question glee. I would have had to take the money as I wouldn’t of had a clue. Don’t think they ever showed Richard O’Sullivan being hung :wink:

Were you on the phone a friend list? Do you know if there is a show employee with you?

As to the people who you don’t ring. Unless they’re close family who would get some cash if I won big one way or the other they’d get invited to the free piss up.



they don’t send anyone round.
Remember the friends can’t watch the recording.
Friends are just asked to stay at home and not make phone calls. They get a call from the show to check they’re ready, then Chris Tarrant takes over.
Since you only have 30 seconds, and you have to hear the question first, it’s difficult to look things up.

My mate had ready:

a doctor
a linguist
a ‘general knowledge’ guy
an actor

I was more thinking of a speaker phone and a couple of people in each household who know their stuff with a paper and pen :wink:


OOoh. A question. Now, if I answer the question are you going to ridicule me?

Better not.

That’s actually a tough question. I’m not sure who you’re after. There’s Ernest Wold and Cyrus Chamberlain, who the airport is originally named after.

Then there’s the Hubert Humphrey terminal. But that’s named after a pretty lame politician, not an aviator.

Until recently, they had a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis proudly hanging from the rafters. But I don’t recall a Lindburgh terminal.

The questions pretty moot. They recently re-did the terminals. They’re now letters instead of names.

All that beer, those great pubs, friendly people, good food (well, the breakfast, anyway ;)), and also NO TAXES on lotery gains??

I’m moving to Dublin. Can I crash on the couch again, yojimbo?