"If someone disliked ______ (or thought it was crappy/boring/etc) then their opinion is wrong"

We all have them. Certain movies where you have to go “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…but if you really thought this was a boring/stupid/crappy movie, your opinion is wrong.”

Also see: “I know opinions can’t be wrong, but yours is as far wrong as an opinion CAN possibly get for an opinion on something.”

My main three would have to be Ghostbusters, The Princess Bride, and possibly Labyrinth.

No offense to those who dislike those movies, I respect your opinion if you do…even if it is wrong. :slight_smile:

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Stoppard wrote the screenplay, so it’s brilliant. Yet, there are people I know who have watched it, and gone “So what?”. I pity them.

NM, kinda threadshitty

I used to call stuff like that physical laws.

Aretha at the top of her game is a physical law, as is Jeff Beck.

The album Kind of Blue is a physical law.

If you don’t like Into the Mystic you have no soul. I don’t care what type of music you normally listen to.

I know that many of my absolute favorite books/movies/whatever are “acquired tastes”, so I wouldn’t call someone who disliked them wrong (although I’d disagree). But there are some things that are so universally loved, or at least universally tolerated, that when I run into the rare person who actively dislikes them it throws me. I once knew a girl who hated the Beatles with a passion, for example, and a guy who despised Frank Sinatra (his music, not the guy himself - which would be a bit more understandable). It’s like hating chocolate, or sunny days, or kittens. Just . . . :confused:

Breaking Bad, of course.

Never liked Jeff Beck.

Tom Stoppard is smarter than any of us will ever be.

But if you don’t think Noises Off is the funniest play ever written your heart and brain are withered.

Glenn Gould’s second recording of the Goldberg Variations.

[Chris Rock]

Yeah, I said it!

[/Chris Rock]

Nothing is unconditional.

I knew a person once (actually a composite of many) who was raised in a time and place way different than I was. In this place, singing was a reserved, subdued expression. Lyrics were written to lift people’s spirits. Singers dressed in their finest when they performed.

Although this person wasn’t alive when the album came out, I’m imagining how they might react to one of my all-time favorite songs, “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana.

I might sincerely believe that if this person had been introduced to similar music and lyrics early enough in their life, they would like this song. But that doesn’t invalidate the feelings they would have. “Yes, grandpa, he said, ‘I wish I could eat your cancer’”

I’m more comfortable debating if the person has education or skills as a musician. “Herr Beethoven, what do you think of the chord progression?”

It’s harder for me to acknowledge this if the person is an asshole/racist/etc.

That said:

An episode of “The Drew Carey Show” involved Drew getting sued for posting a cartoon at his desk which a co-worker complained was obscene.

Drew’s lawyers (played by Penn and Teller) tried at one point to cross examine a prosecution witness who had said the cartoon was not funny.

Penn asked the witness if he thought various other things were funny. The witness repeatedly declared, emphatically, no.

Finally, Penn asked the witness, sir, who is your favorite comedian?

“Pauly Shore!”

If you don’t think anything is funny, Pauly Shore would be your favorite comedian. And somebody, at one time, apparently liked Pauly Shore.

That violates a physical law.

Dark Side of the Moon

I think people who don’t like the Beatles have shitty taste in music.

I hate sunny days. Of course, where I live sunny days usually mean intolerably hot weather.

I understand not liking computer games at all, or not liking adventure games; but if that doesn’t apply to you and you didn’t like Grim Fandango there’s something wrong with you.

Yep, the perennial dilemma for this type of discussion. How the heck would Beethoven react to Rhapsody in Blue or Mood Indigo on any number of levels? How would Bach, harmonic master, react to Thelonius Monk or The Ramones, who each did cool harmonic stuff?

’Xap - not liking Beck is a missed opportunity. Hey, I do that all the time - so many revered artists I have walked past - sometimes for clear, important reasons, and sometimes because I wasn’t in the mood that day. So it goes.

Pulp Fiction. Those “people”.

Call me a heretic, but I prefer the movie. Of course, I saw it first, and back then, Nicolette Sheridan was extremely sexy, and ran around in her undies for most of the movie.

My nomination for the thread, though, has to be “hair bands.”

Funny to see myself reflected in the first response. I have a vague recollection of trying to watch this movie on TV, and turning it off in the first half hour or so finding it unwatchable. Pity me!

I feel this sort of thing most often with music. For example, Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys. Sure, not everyone likes rockabilly or Texas swing. But if you go see these guys and don’t feel the urge to move, you have no pulse. Or bands like the Clash or Social D. Someone might say it is just noise, whereas I find them extremely melodic and emotional.

Of course, I have the same deafness. I’ve often heard folk maintain that all rap is not garbage. :wink:

I half-agree with the OP. There are some works that are objectively great works, and to claim otherwise is wrong. However, one can recognize a work as great without liking it, and disliking something, even if it is great, cannot be wrong.

As mentioned above, Breaking Bad

Adding The Wire