If that motherf****ing PAPERCLIP FROM HELL pops up one more time...

If that motherf****ing PAPERCLIP FROM HELL pops up one more time I’M gonna throw this computer out the window.

I HATE that MOTHERF***ER. If I ever meet it in person I am going to commit homiside err clipiside err whatever the legal term for that is.

Ok, so you’re sitting there, typing something in M$Word, minding you’re own business when WTF that FER pops up and says something like “It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like help (etc)” NO I DO NOT WANT HELP!!! Hey, there’s a check box for “Do not Show this help again” COOL! So you click it, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? A little while later: Heeeeeeeeeeeees Back! For something completly unrelated to WHATEVER it is you are doing. M$ Access is even worse. That DAMN paperclip pops up MUCH more randomly and with even MORE absurdly unrelated “suggestions” or “help” than what that MFPOS “suggests” in M$Word. WTF??? So you switch over to making web pages in M$ Frontpage, and think you’re FINALY safe. Are you? HELL NO! The Mother Fer POPS UP AGAIN! I seriously think I am getting cyber stalked by a F***ING PAPERCLIP. ARRGGGHH!!!

Why The F*** did Billy decide to torment us with that? Did he design it so that all the FING 6-year-olds that actually needed help could get it? Or does he just love to torment us? I greatly WISH one of the selections was "GO TO HELL YOU MOTHERFING PIECE OF S***!", but sadly there is none.

Usually, I have that MOTHERF***ER disabled through the settings, but I am using a friend’s computer right now. Still though, even if you think you have the PAPERCLIP FROM HELL completly disabled, it STILL finds some way to pop up when you least expect it, to torment you some more.

In conclusion…Billy-Bob Gates, WTF were you thinking???

*The *'s added by me because I prefer not to swear in “public”

Wicked f***ing rant. As soon as I saw the thread title, I knew what you meant and went, “YEAH!!!”

His name is Clippy.

I agree, someone needs to straighten him out.


It looks like you’re trying to rant! Would you like some help? [insert exaggerated movement/blinking here]

Preach it!! Yes!!

I have my little beasties in the help menus in the “hide” setting (Win98). But I stardamned HATE Clippy!!

Bloody good rant. More of 'em, I say! Power to you, Biohazard!!

TY :slight_smile:

And now that I have been presented with additional information let me formally say:


It looks like you’re trying to rant! Would you like some help? [insert exaggerated movement/blinking here]

Oh, balls.

That link is pure evil.

Voice by Gilbert Gottfried? :eek:

Go over to the side menus and go up and down with the pointer, you’ll find that Clippy says “All your base are belong to us”. Double :eek:

Clippy should be euthanised for his own good.

Thats a really weird multi-post, Erroneous how did you manage that?

And yes, any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

Oh hell, ive been awake for too many damn days…I think I should try to sleep.

That damn paperclip haunts my dreams…

seriously…ack…Its bad enough when my work follows me home to envade my dreams, but why the f*** does it have to bring it’s inbred redneck cousin, “Clippy” along???

BioHazard, maybe this will help : http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/review/43/1/1543.html
I seem to remember Bill Gates ‘sacking’ Clippy at some industry event or other, but the little git still somehow made it into Office XP. Ah yes, here it is :

Right-click on Clippy. Options. Checkbox in upper left saying use/do not use Clippy. Uncheck/check it.

I just got “At least I’m not a sock puppet”. :slight_smile:

My browser timed out on the “thank you for posting” screen, so I clicked ‘refresh’, and then remembered that I’m not supposed to do that, because it’ll result in a double-post. Hence the “balls”.

Incidentally, on an Australian comedy show last year (called CNNNN, and sort of like a TV version of The Onion), they had a bit where a guy dressed up in a Clippy costume and went around to various places in public, asking random people “It looks like you’re trying to write a letter! Would you like some help?” He got some good responses. One guy looked at him blankly for a second, and then said “Ohhh! I know who you are! You’re that fucking paperclip!”, and then proceeded to punch Clippy-man.

Someone has.


[SIZE = 1]I thought he was kind of cute. [/SIZE]

DAMMIT, I wasn’t supposed to say it that loud!

Maybe it’s just that I need Clippy’s help.

Or somebody’s, for God’s sake.