If that was the last episode, what am I watching?

Right now I am watching Super Milk-chan.
I went on the internet to find out if this was the first episode, since I had missed it.
Apparently, last week’s episode was the last episode.
So… what am I watching, then?

Was it the one where the guy was stealing the Belgian waffles? If so, that was the first one. They showed the last one last Sunday, so they’re probably rerunning the series now.

Wait, he wasn’t stealing Belgian waffles, he was passing phoney bills at Belgian waffle shops. Whatever.

Here’s TV Tome’s Super Milk-Chan show page. It lists the names and descriptions of most of the episodes. The adult Swim webpage says tonight they showed one called “Milk-Chan Has Arrived.” Curiously, this title does not appear on TV Tome’s page. If this was not the first episode, then I have no idea what you watched.