If the past is any guide, another attack is imminent

Four years ago the silly season on TV was dominated by two stories: missing women and shark attacks.

This year we’ve already seen the cable news stations go whole hog over Jennifer Wilbanks and Natalee Holloway. This weekend we had the first shark attack stories and today there are pictures of a dead shark in all the New York papers.

The official-types are still debating what’s going to fill the hole left by the World Trade Center. There’s a new design today that’s an extra 100 feet from a road, which will help make it the Safest Building in the World [sup]TM[/sup] :rolleyes:

We’re all doomed, I tell ya.

God, I thought the same thing when I saw the shark attack stories. Yikes. Although they are big, dramatic stories, and those poor poor kids–what a horrible way to die or lose a limb.

Not the first…there was one in New Jersey earlier this month.