If the Red Sox are eliminated...

it will mean that pldennison will have to take a stand in opposition to the Prince of Darkness! :slight_smile:

Well, with that great pitching staff (23 runs!!), I like my beloved Yankees chances!

NY Yankees:
Team of the ages (125-50 last year)
Team of the Decade
Team of the Century
Team FOR the ages

Yer pal,

Nope, Satan. Gotta take you to task on the “Team of the Decade” title. That one belongs to the Atlanta Braves (who will be kicking Yankee ass a little later this month). I’ll even provide proof:

-Most wins of any team in the 90’s
-8 straight division championships
-3 consecutive 100 win seasons (only done 3 other times in this century, none since the 1940’s. IIRC, the Yanks were NOT one of the other 3 teams.)
-4 appearances in the “Big Dance”.

Our achilles heel? Only one World Series Championship. But that’s about to change…

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