If the SDMB existed 40+ years ago

If the Board existed before The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Star Wars, Monty Python, etc., what TV shows and movies would we be quoting incessantly? I’m thinking Marx Brothers, and possibly Firesign Theater.

The Brits would be quoting from the Goon Show – you silly, twisted fool, you!

Outer Limits vs. Twilight Zone

Would we be arranging a Dope-fest for the summer* in Chicago ('68)? And would “Dope-fest” mean the same thing?

When we discussed albums in Cafe Society, we would be talking about albums.

*“Riot season’s coming up. Don’t forget your helmets.”

“Need answer quick! My mainframe won’t run LISP!”

“Doper parents: What do you think of that new educational show, Sesame Street?”

“Is Mr. Rogers a commie?”

“Is Nixon forked?”

Ask the guy who went to school with Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan).

They are planning a show based on the Tracy Ullman shorts. BAD IDEA!

The BBQ Pit -

In which I Pit Bob Dylan for stabbing folk music in the back at the Newport Festival!

LBJ kills another 100 soldiers!
Great Debates -

Is Vietnam winnable?

Did Johnson conspire with the FBI to kill Kennedy?

Is Jackie Kennedy sneaking around with an old rich Greek?

Are these bell bottoms wide enough at the cuff?

A very Woodstock MMP

I think GD would look something like this:

The Kennedy Assassination: Conspiracy or Lone Nut?
Why are we Really in Viet Nam?
Is Containment of Communism Really Necessary?
Ethics of Draft Dodging
What Will LBJ’s Legacy Be?

I know my thread title is a bit generic, but could we keep this to pop culture references? Thanks. Oh, and we’d definitely be quoting Warner Bros. cartoons (not that we don’t now, but without Simpsons or Family Guy I think we’d be relying on Bugs and Daffy even more).

Whoops! I didn’t realize this was in CS, combined with the fact that the Sixties, as a concept, is basically pop culture now, made me lose track of the purpose of the thread. Sorry!

Sock it to me, baby.

The Avengers 10/9: How Emma jumped the shark.

Batman 10/10/68 (Open Spoilers) (Guessing on the year)

Similar spoiler threads for Dragnet, Gunsmoke, maybe first run Star Trek.
What should I do if I took the blue acid? (need answer fast)

If it helps, here’s the network TV schedule from 1968-69


In '68, there’d be no ‘dope-fests.’ There’d be “Dope-Ins.”

Threads that would be ongoing-
-Is Paul McCartney dead?
-Haight-Ashbury vs. Swinging London?
-the upcoming presidential election (Nixon vs. Humphrye vs. Wallace).
-Who fathered Mama Cass’s baby?
-Peyton Place 10/?/68. (spoilers!)
-Ask the Draft Dodger living in Newfoundland.
-Joni or Joan? Jim or Mick?
-Are all gay men as screechy & whiney & pathetic as they are in “Boys In the Band?”

Happy Days: Fonzie is the coolest shark jumper ever.

The Pit: Stop putting -GATE on the end of everything scandalous!

Who’s this “Fonzie”? And what’s all this about ‘jumping a shark’? (It’s 1968! Fonzie didn’t exist yet!)

“Meanwhile, in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota…”

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