If The Word "Moron" Is Still Acceptable Medical Terminology....

… should we be using it, even to describe ourselves at times? Someone decided “retard” (as a noun, of course) is no longer acceptable, so why not “moron”?

I saw a Honda commercial where the word was used to describe one of the actors themselves, which led me to ask this.



There is an ICD-9 code for " Imbecil".

“Moron” is not an accepted medical term anymore, and is so divorced from actual mental disabilities that it’s not offensive. Language changes, and current conventions are that the word “moron” disparages people without disabilities - people who have no medical excuse. It disparages personalities and mentalities, not disabilities.

Moron, imbecile & idiot were classifications of mental deficiency–with idiot being the lowest. They are quite obsolete & fair game for insults. That is, you won’t insult anybody but the twit(s) you’re describing.

Some of us remember when “retarded” was used by professionals. No longer.

I still consider it rude to say “retarded.” There are better ways to describe someone with disabilities & the word still has the power to hurt when used to describe the fools who deserve scorn. That is, the ones who really ought to know better. As the language continues to evolve, “retarded” will join moron, imbecile & idiot.

There’s nothing wrong with “retarded.” It just means “slowed down.” Replacing the term with something else is just going to make whatever the new term is the word that people use as an insult.

THANK YOU Diogenes.
The ONLY reason why the term retarded is offensive is b/c of the shortened form being offensive. I usually use the term MR. Intellectucal disabilty is a little too much of a mouthful, and developmental disablity is a bit too broad. (the term can include autism, learning disabilties etc)

Whenever I want to describe something as monumentally stupid, I say that it’s more retarded than an explosion at a fire extinguisher factory.