If tomorrow was your birthday, what would you ask for?

My son just asked me what I wanted for my birthday. (He has no job & doesn’t shop. He has discovered ‘irony’. My work is done.) I just realized, though, that if he’s asking, it means my wife is stumped, which means I’ll get exactly… nothing.
I think I want a month of DDO VIP membership. Anything else is pretty much out of budget and I know there won’t/can’t be romance for at least another month, so thats out.

But enough about me. Imagine if you will that tomorrow is your birthday. What would you ask for?

A job. Or maybe just $50k.

Nothing. Didn’t get anything for my last birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:

A car. :slight_smile:

Note that this doesn’t mean that I would get a car, or even that anyone I know could afford to give me one, but if there was some sort of magical barthday faerie out there, that’s what I’d ask for.

A job would be good. £100K would be very nice - clear my mortgage and replace my clunker of a car. But what would top both of those would be a visit from my brother and his family.

To break our lease without a consequence so we can move to a building that isn’t falling down around us. And also cake.

From the magical birthday fairy: Enough money and whatever else it took to make my long-distance relationship comfortably a no-distance relationship. :slight_smile:

From real people: I’m relatively happy with the things I have right now. Maybe an Amazon or iTunes gift card, or something creative that is bowling-related. Oh! If anyone out there can find the “Follow Me To Dodger Stadium” license plate frame that no one seems to be selling anymore, you’ll be my friend forever if you find it for me! :smiley:

ETA: And cake for my friend pbbth. She deserves cake. Trust me. She’s awesome.

ETA II: Crap! I also want tennis lessons!

Yesterday actually WAS my birthday, and I asked for (and got) personal training sessions at my gym.

In a dream world: money to renovate our bathroom, kitchen and fence the backyard, to finally be able to get pregnant.

In reality: a clean house, a romantic dinner with my husband and him agreeing to watch some chick flick or indie film with me.

Tomorrow is in fact my birthday. I don’t need anything but I like it when my friends and family remember the date, send me a card or call to wish me happy birthday. My sister is historically bad with stuff like this so it’s always nice when she remembers.

Having people invite me over to celebrate is a plus - no big fuss, just “Hey, want to come over for dinner?” or “Let’s grab some lunch today”.

OK, since it’s my 40th birthday I guess I should hope for the traditional midlife crisis stuff, so I will be expecting a bright red Ferrari to pull up filled with luscious swimsuit models ready to indulge my every fantasy.

Magic gift: a job, yes. Even for the summer!

Real gift: Dinner at Canlis or Herb Farm. OMG. (This will probably never happen.)

A spindle and some pretty roving suitable for a beginner.

(I’m a knitter, and the price of the kind of spindle I’d like is in the $25 range. So I could afford it now, but I’d feel guilty because I kind of lack time to learn to spin. So I won’t be buying a spindle anytime soon. But if someone asked me, I’d tell them a spindle.

Ooh, and maybe a swift–but that’s kinda pricey. I could buy a lot of yarn for the price of a swift.).

A bike rack for my car.

I was planning to ruin the mood of an otherwise happy thread by saying “a job.” Says something about the current economy that i’m the third :stuck_out_tongue:

Magical gift: For my husband to be happier. He’s so stressed and depressed and angry all the time, he’s hard to deal with.

Reality gift: I don’t know…shoes?

My birthday is Saturday. I’m asking for and pretty much know I’m going to get dinner at my favorite restaurant. It’s not pricey but I like the atmosphere. I also want to spend the day at my favorite park that’s nearby.

When I blow out my candles I’ll wish that any doper who wants a job will get one.

Oh, and world peace.

A case of Double Bastard Ale, and a bottle of Tullamore Dew 10 yr old single malt.

Shoot, I keep a running list of what I want (just in case I ever meet anyone who cares)! I’d love to brick in my backyard, put in a skylight on the stairwell, get new kitchen appliances (the pricey ones, like a fridge, stove, etc). Barring that, I would take a box of cupcakes. I think those are more affordable.

I used to keep a want list, but by the time opportunity rolled around, I didn’t want the same stuff anymore.

Ca$h. Cold, hard cash. Greenbacks. Moolah. Clams. Smackaroonies. Simoleans. Dead presidents.

Or cupcakes.