Hey Dads- What would you like for Father's Day? What do you think you will get ?

I don’t care much for the “holiday”, but the kids have been taught that they need to think of something. My humorous 14 year old daughter was looking at a Wal-Mart flyer today that showed Father’s Day sales specials. She’s got it narrowed down to knee-length black socks, boxer shorts or a Superman Costume made to fit a 5 year old. :smiley:

What do I WANT? I want what people do for Mother’s Day. I want to go the entire day without doing a single chore. I want someone else to cook. Change the kitty litter. Run the errands. I want to chill out, hang on the deck assuming it’s nice and warm and dry out. Not be told to do anything at all. That’s all I want.

What do I think I’ll get ?? Well. Hopefully not boxer shorts. :slight_smile:


Hey, I want exactly what you want, plus:

My duaghter to come visit me, rent a boat and take Deal Old Dad on a cruise around the bayou.

Wow, this thread is surprisingly depressing. 'Cause… no one really cares about Fathers Day. I don’t think we ever even acknowledged in my house. We did the Mothers Day thing, ironically. I guess I don’t think that most dads deserve a day dedicated to them.

For some reason, that makes me want to cry a little bit. The worst part is I don’t know why. :frowning:

I already bought myself a golf pullcart, and said it was my Dad’s Day gift to myself.
Big spender, huh?
Then I’m driving 2 of my kids to band camp.
Not a bad deal - getting rid of 2/3 of the household brattage for a week!

(Actually, I really would like it if someone would buy me some blue dress socks!)

Oh, no, oh NO, Clockwork And Candy! Please do not think this on my account!

We have a really good relationship with the daughter, and see her as often as our professions allow. We have close relationship, given the ditance between us.

I was just saying, yeah, I’d like all that, plus the other.

You are so kind. I do so appreciate your sentiments. And I do so thank you. But, please, realize that I and the wifey are in no matter cut out of her life. We have a wonderful relationship. I just want more.

More, more, more. (sorry, daughter, but you know those parental genes!)

You da best, Clockwork And Candy, but please don’t cry for us.

A telescope! An inexpensive model can be had for under $100, and the one I had growing up was about $25 in todays dollars. The $50 model will view Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and Saturn’s rings, if I remember correctly, the rest is gravey! Truth be told, I’d be happy with a “World’s Greatest Dad” cofee mug(I mean, who wouldn’t :)), but SmithWife is big on all holidays.

I’m with you, though, Cartooniverse - a day of peace and quiet would be nice (but I won’t hold my breath).

Ya know, I can’t help but think that all of these “days” are not the imagination of Hallmark and their ilk.

I do know that on Mother’s day I’m supposed to prepare breakfast in bed and remove the kids so my wife has a day to herself.

Now, I’m told, fathers are supposed to take the kids and do something really memorable with them on fathers’ day.

Double standard?

I would like to have a day off to go golfing myself. Like Shrek says “Like that’s gonna happen!”

I’m going to log my first hour towards my pilots license. It was my birthday gift (in May) but I’m taking the first class sunday.

That’s good enough for me.

Permission to join my local model-flying club so I can bugger off for a few hours every Saturday and spend some of my own money learning to fly something other than a park-flyer-sized toy.

What I’ll actually get will probably be a bottle of whisky, if I’m good. But thanks for the heads-up, I must send my Dad something.

getting roller blades so I can do that with my 6 year old. I’ll try to chase her by pushing the twins in their stroller on blades so its fun for all of the bambina’s.

I’d love to have a cooler full of microbrew, a couple of books, the dope by wireless on my tablet, and a slave bringing me both onion rings and french fries on demand. :cool:

I’m getting after shave, etc., and that’s what I want. Boxer shorts, socks, it’s all good to me. I’m easy that way. The best thing will be my kid’s handmade cards/gifts, of course.

But I don’t really like Father’s Day that much, to tell you the truth. In the weeks preceding it, I feel like every time I have to discipline my kids or there’s an argument or something, that I’m a Bad Dad and Father’s Day is a farce, or other somesuch self-loathing tripe.

What my husband wants: Replacement speakers. He told me lots of complicated things about them the other day until my pretty little head was fit to bust.

What he’s likely to get: A giant scented candle to replace the one he’s almost burned down. Took the poor man years.

Well, my band will be playing the night before, so I better get some time to sleep in and recover!

Beyond that, I want the ideal Sunday that I would like most Sundays - wake up, make breakfast with the kids while listening to music, reading the paper and drinking coffee with them while they watch cartoons (Looney Tunes on DVD or the PowerPuff Girls + Dexter’s Lab if they are on) then I hang out with them for a bit - baseball catch and/or teaching her to ride with no training wheels.

Then, around 1pm, turn on a baseball game and alternate between watching the game and going upstairs to play extremely loud electric guitar while slowly consuming a six pack of excellent beer…

Life is good.

What I’d like: A new Falcon game computer.
What I’ll get: probably nothing.
A reasonable compromise: yeah, that’s gonna happen in my house…

What I’d like: sleep late, be awakened with a kiss and a backscratch, go caching all day long with SWMBO

What is scheduled to happen: 0700 casting call for the movie I’m in. The good thing is that if we get everything shot on Sunday that is scheduled, then we’re pretty much done. My camera shots will be finished and I won’t be needed for voiceovers until mid-July. The last filming will be done on the 24/25th,and we will be solidly in post-production after that.

WRAP PARTY!!! :smiley:

World peace and unimaginable wealth


What do I WANT? I want what people do for Mother’s Day. I want to go the entire day without doing a single chore. I want someone else to cook. Change the kitty litter. Run the errands. I want to chill out, hang on the deck assuming it’s nice and warm and dry out. Not be told to do anything at all. That’s all I want.


I agree, I’d love to have a day doing nothing but chances are I will be at work at 4am then come home and do the usual bits and pieces here and there.

On the present side of things, I would like a BMX (I’m 32) but i guess it’ll be socks and pants again

looks around Dad’s not here? Okay!
He gave us a list of gifts, so I’ve bought the Mark Knopfler / Emmylou Harris CD and my brother’s either finding some golf shoes or a tennis vest.

I also think he wants a cold beer, billiards, and a good steak dinner, all of which we’ll provide. :slight_smile:

You are a cruel, cruel woman.

Want:A shiny (literally - I want stainless), big new gas grill. And some steaks. And lamb chops. Everyone benefits.
Get: Dinner at a Brazilian churrascaria with the extended family. I still win, but only by a score (baseball wise) of 5-0, instead of 13-1 for the ‘Want’.