If we spent more time teaching our kids the word of God...

As quoted in a column by Patty Fisher in today’s San Jose Mercury News. The column summarizes responses to her column Saturday on the debate over evolution.

I find Paula Wolf’s comment disturbing on many levels. Feel free to debate.

Note: I’m not sure how long the link to the Mercury News will be valid.

We’d all be starving, freezing and illiterate, but we’d be happy!

You tell the youth of today that and they don’t believe you…

We tried that once, it was called “The Dark Ages”.

I don’t know why people insist you have to choose between teaching kids ethics and teaching them facts. They’re not even the province of the same people - you’d expect parents to teach most of the life lessons and schools to teach most of the science and technology.

“Kids these days.” - Plato

I agree with your statement. However, we would probably not consider Paula’s version of the “word of God” to be ethics. She wants kids to be indoctrinated rather than taught critical thinking skills.

I agree, and it seems many of the letter writers want the same thing. I’m speaking more generally because I think there aren’t going to be a lot of people here who would agree with Wolf.

How about we teach them the word of God and technology and science? Maybe cut back on some TV time to make up the difference.

Well, they wouldn’t pass the NCLB standardized tests, then. God’s not on the tests!

Paula Wolf wins.

We’ll follow the examples of the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Iran. If you get enough religion, everybody’s happy and good!

Whose word and whose God?

That’s a personal decision to be made within the family.

Who is “we,” then?

The same “we” that was teaching kids in the OP, happily starving in the second post, living in the dark ages in the third post, and questioning Paula Wolf’s ethics in the fifth post. It’s that darned editorial “we” acting up all over the place again.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, of course. Sheesh!

I’m all for teaching the Word of Allah.

What? That’s what she wanted, wasn’t it?

Ethics and religion are mutually exclusive.

Fallacy of composition.

Because time is a finite commodity?

Are we talking about teaching kids the entire word of God – including hum-dingers like Lot’s incest with his daughters in Deuteronomy, or Mark’s directives for seizing other people’s women (Mark 7:25-27) – or just the sanitized Disneyfied happy-happy-joy-joy version?

Ah, so you finally admit that the religious-right-dominated Republican party is inherently unethical! Bravo! :smiley:

I thought with God, all things are possible? :smack: I vote we not teach them Home Economics if there’s such a time crunch. My point, of course, is that there’s no dichotomy here.