If Will & Grace was real life

How long would Karen Walker’s life span be considering her boozing and pill popping? Also, would she seem as healthy and coherent as she does in the show?

I love Karen. I want her to be my sugar-momma.

I love Karen, too. I wish the show was Jack & Karen instead of Will & Grace.

You want realism from Will & Grace? c’mon, does anybody even remember the excuse they used for the at-the-time incredibly rich socialite to be a non-working receptionist for Grace?

Grace hired her because she wanted to use her contacts to help her business. Did they ever say why it was Karen took the job?

Karen took the job out of boredom, I think. She didn’t even cash her paycheques until her husband put her on an allowance.

You are correct sir Ha Ha Ha!!!

I wasn’t asking for realism from Will & Grace, I was asking if it was real, how bad an effect the drugs and alcohol would have on her.

So I’m not the only one.

Yeah, my first thought on reading the thread title was “Karen would be on a transplant list.”

She’s very Valley of the Dolls, isn’t she?

Personally I think it should be the Karena and Rosario show.

True. That has “spinoff” written all over it.

I wanted it to be the Will & Jack Show. Where each week they make passionate love to each other and a gueststar. In the meanwhile Grace, Karena & Rosario are playing poker across the hall.


I’d kill myself.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

If W&G were real life…

Jack would be gay-bashed…


Four words:

Keith Richards
Hunter Thompson



There are many gay men like Jack. Not necessarily as narcisisstic, but very much like him.

Gee. Do you have a problem with Emmett on Queer as Folk too?

Well, since the actress who plays her is 45 years old and quite attractive, I’ll assume her character is supposed to be at least 10 years younger. Now, we know Karen is an alcoholic and takes a number of prescription mood-altering drugs, which isn’t a good combination. The alcohol probably doesn’t phase her much, if she’s been drinking heavily for long she probably has a huge tolerance. I know of at least one episode which indicates she smokes marijuana as well. I have never seen anything on the show that indicates she does cocaine or any harder drugs, but since we are assuming a ‘real life’ version of her character, I think it’s probably pretty likely she does.

I have never seen anything saying how long she’s been living like that. If she started relatively late in life, I could imagine her being realistic for a 30 or 35 year old, though she would probably have some health problems and some plastic surgery. If she had been using drugs and booze heavily since her teenage years, I could imagine her character still being alive, but not anything like how she is portrayed in the show…the kind of wear and tear that even the most expensive surgeons can’t hide, and a completely paranoid personality that couldn’t form relationships as deep as the ones she has in the show (and that’s saying a lot).

Keith Richards is dead. Yeah, I know he’s still walking around and playing a guitar, but he’s obviously a mummy rised from the grave.