If women could read the mind of men....

Do u think most of the problems on earth will be solved?

No, but we’d make a mint on the “tell all” books we’d write!

It would certainly help with certain relationship issues.

Other than that I think it would just scare the women that could.

Oh, please, it’s not like there’s much to read…

“Sex. Food. Sex. Food. Sex. Food. Sood. Fex. Sood? Fex? Football! FOOTBALL! FOOTBALLFOODSEXSEXSEXFOODSEXFOOTBALLSEX!”

as a wise man said “If women ever knew what we really thought, even for a second, they would NEVER stop slapping us.”

Depends who you’re thinking of, in the presence of whom. :wink:

And you can believe me, because I never lie, and I’m always right. So wake up - and take a look at your only logical choice. Me. George Tirebiter.

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Women would say “Huh. Is that it?” (Also see SPOOFE Bo Diddly above) Men are no big mystery. It’s women who are just plain weird. How can you remember when some kid’s birthday is, especially if you never see them? Other people’s anniversaries? When the sofa was bought? Where the sofa was bought? If it was on sale? Was it the pesto or the red sauce that I didn’t like at this restaurant? Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, reading a guy’s mind is like listening to the sound the T.V. makes before the station comes on for the day.(Dooooooooooooooooooooo…)

I have to keep an Emergency Back-Up Card and Small Gift in my dresser. Saved me Much Grief with the Little Woman.(Small peek into my mind)

Wow… what a great idea! I’m going to do that too.

I think if women could read men’s minds then every guy would be single.

Hey, cool! That’s a Larry Miller quote, IIRC. One of my favorite comedians…

He continues:[sub](and I’m paraphrasing badly)[/sub]
“Women, you say you know how much we think about sex. You have NO idea. The difference between how much we really think about it and how much you THINK we think about it; that’s like the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.”

If women could read the minds of men…

They’d discover that all that stuff they read in Cosmopolitan is CRAP.

People actually read Cosmopolitan??? And believe it? Are these the same people who read the National Enquirer by any chance?

Reading mens’ minds? Golly, I don’t bother. Some hieroglyphics simply defy translation. As long as the male object of my affection can consistently supply me with lotsa sex, dinners out, and a sizeable monthly allowance, he can think as he pleases!!

(Who, me, shallow…?)

If women could read the minds of men…

…there’d be a lot more lesbians.
that miasma I call I mind, they’d run away screaming…

If women could read the minds of men…

They’d realize that they are like a chess game to us. We really have to pay attention to what we do and say, since one wrong move now could really fuck it up for us somewhere down the line. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that more often than not, women are thinking the same thing men are. They’re just as bad as us guys!
You girls don’t fool me for a second! :wink:

Can I put a vote in for not wanting to know? Considering what makes it past the filters of the men I know, I really, really don’t want to know most of what they’re thinking. Really.

[hijack]Everyone I know who reads Cosmo (a remarkably sizable number of people) does so becuase it’s hilarious. And great fodder for conversation. (A male friend, looking at a picture of a woman, in her underwear, on a couch, in stiletto heels, was truely disturbed that her shoes didn’t match the couch. where else will you come across such insight??)[/hijack]

if they could I’ve have permanently bruised shoulders, and a permanent hand-print across my face

everytime I see a somewhat fine chick I am thinkin’, “Holy Shit look at her skin! Damn, she’s got nice tits, wonder what her ass looks like… DDDAaaammmnnnn!!! I’ll bet she shags like a mink rug…” and if those chicks found out, I’d be grass… hehehe…

I had a nifty little one-liner to come back with, but I decided that I’d insulted enough people for today. :slight_smile:

Suffice it to say, not all men are uniformly as simple, and simple-minded, as the people who write Cosmo would have you believe. I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. :rolleyes:

Frankly, reading my own mind scares the hell out of me.

Any non-me person would bounce between boredom, bewilderedment and bone-chilling fear.