If WWII had been an RTS game: the chat log

Not sure if this belongs in CS, MPSIMS or here but linky.

This has been floating around on the internet for a while so don’t know if it had been posted already, but if it hasn’t it’s a lot of fun.

Ah that brought back memories. Love the end :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the exchange:

Hitler[AoE]: america hax, u had depression and now u got a huge fockin army
Hitler[AoE]: thats bullsh1t u hacker

and the

tru_m4n: NUKES! HOLY **** I GOT NUKES
Stalin: d00d gimmie some plz
tru_m4n: no way i only got like a couple
Stalin: omg dont be gay gimmie nuculer secrets

“Gimmie nuculer secrets” should be a new catchphrase

It’s scary how accurate an account of history it is… I guess you can explain a lot by assuming that world political leaders are a bunch of immature dweebs.

And the inevitable early;


Here’s an animated gif to that discussion.

Shouldn’t this part be more like:

Stalin: d00d gimmie some plz
tru_m4n: no way even though i got lots, a lot more then 2. :wink:

There are heaps of these over at Uncyclopedia. Plenty of other wars covered, as well.

A history of modern warfare, from an American perspective, done in foodstuffs. (Here’s the cheat sheet for the food used to represent each country.)

Not really. When Hiroshima and Nagasaki got slagged, those were the only two atomic bombs in our inventory. Had Japan not surrendered, it would have been months before a third bomb could have been dropped.

That’s the point though. We knew we only had two and only had two for a while, but we wanted everyone else in the world to think we had hundreds.

That bit made me giggle out loud. I never laugh out loud.