If you are not Jewish, would you prefer to be Jewish?

I am Jewish, and the only other ethnic group I would like to be part of is Greek. I am pretty happy being Jewish.

I wonder if any non-Jews would want to be Jewish, and if so, why (or why not).

I’m pretty happy being who I am. I have nothing against Jewish folks, but why would I want to be one of them? I can enjoy aspects of Jewish tradition or culture without eschewing my own religious beliefs (which I would have to do to become a Jew). I think that if I were Jewish, I would be a totally different person. I like the person I am just fine.

I think the Jewish community, at least in the United States, which is as far as my ‘range of interaction’ goes, is interesting to no end. Especially the more orthodox ones who don’t shave their beards, an’ stuff like that.

Now I admit–I don’t -know- a lot about Jewish doctrine, so I’m kind of ignorant as far as everything goes…but my big weakness in my life is my stomach. Therefore, I like Jewish things a lot simply because I really like Jewish food.

Then again, I really like Greek food, too. I know a little bit -more- about Greek culture, but not much. I still like the food.

Geez…am I an ethnologist, or just a gourmand? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a white male aged 18-49, no real religious beliefs, no real cultural beliefs or traditions worth noting. I’ve never experienced bigotry directed at me, or been implicated in conspiracy theories, or felt like I’m being discriminated against. I only know a couple of Jewish friends, and while their lives haven’t exactly been struggles to survive both have experienced bigotry. I don’t think I’d like to open myself to that kind of experience, however infrequent it may be in a modern Western country.

Given world events and attitudes toward them, I’m about ready to apply for Israeli citizenship. I’m seriously thinking about at least visiting Israel.

Actually becoming a Jew would involve a religion change, and I doubt if I’ll go there. But I’m always looking for lesser ways to show solidarity with Jews everywhere.

My mother’s SO is Jewish and I’m honored to have him in the family, and have told him so. Hope this is not patronizing. I see being Jewish as a Very Good Thing, and I would like some of that.

I am the Waspiest person you could ever meet. I’m sure I’d be hysterically inept as a Jew but perhaps they’d put up with me.

Would I want to replace 7 commandments with 613?

This question is kind of wierd for me…

I really really wish I was Jewish. To the point that looking at flyers for Jewish events fills me with some sort of strange longing. My boyfriend (who isn’t Jewish) works at a temple and every time I go there, I get shivers.

But I’m not religious, and I doubt I’d ever believe the basic tennents of the Jewish religion. But I find them so…compelling…

My guess it is a whole wishing-for-a-culture thing that white bread kids in the consumer age are bound to get at some point. I can’t get over how old Judaism is, and how rooted in a sense of place it is…even thinking about it does something wierd to me.

I’m a little sad that I missed out on being one of the chosen ones.

Converting to Judaism or any religion for that matter? Probably not. I’m finally comfortable with my atheism.

If there were such a thing as reincarnation, and coming back as a Jew? Sure, I’d like to try living in lots of different cultures. I’ve lived this life, I’d like a different one next time around.

I would be honored to be one of God’s chosen people.
but I’m just a czech

When I was a teenager, I was envious of Jews. Specifically, the Brooklyn Jews depicted in movies. Their families were loud, boisterous, and argumentative; politics were heatedly discussed around the dinner table; and intellectual learning was a strong cultural value.

The religious stuff I can do without – no way would I want to be orthodox anything. But I liked the depiction of cultural life.


The whole kosher thing seems like a pain in the ass.

No. I see no disadvantage to being generic white mongrel that wouldn’t also go with being Jewish, and I don’t see why I would “switch” when that would just mean
1)Being an atheist whose religion is basically assigned to him because of his ethnicity.
2)Having some people hate me. Wrongly, but still not something I’d choose for myself.
3) Not eating pork, going kosher, all that.

I could never be a religious Jew, an observant Jew, any more than I could be a religious Christian. But you know how some people ignore your personal religious choices and insist on defining you as being of the religion of your family of ancestry? I have often thought that I’d rather be a pagan found-my-own-religion person who isn’t Jewish than a pagan found-my-own-religion person who isn’t Christian. Theologically, Judaism seems so much more coherent, therefore much easier to define my own beliefs and perspectives in contrast to.

Culturally, I’m a bit of a misfit/hybrid, a person with multiple backgrounds but not a sense of identity or belonging, and I think as an eclectic alien I like that better than I would being a misfit from a single culture.

It’s funny, because recently I made a comment about possibly converting to Judaism. Really, it’s just that I’ve been Catholic my whole life, and although I believe in God, I still don’t believe in Jesus, and as dedicated as I used to be, I feel that I should have received some sort of feeling/sign/something to secure my said beliefs. I have some cousins in New York (typical Brooklyn Jewish family for the most part), and I had a lot of Jewish friends when living in New York, but I’m not so sure a new religion is exactly what I need. I’d like to learn more about their religion and make my own decisions, but to make an actual conversion, I don’t know. Still sould searching, but I don’t know if I want to be pegged anything anymore. I just want to figure out what’s planned for me in the big scheme of things and then live a happy, healthy life with that knowledge. Whatever religious tool I use to get there would be useful, and right now, Judaism is looking more and more interesting to me.

Am I the first person to point out that Judaism is a religion and not an “ethnic group?”

I come from a Jewish family that originated in Eastern Europe. I know Sephardic Jews from Spain, Jews from the Mideast . . . So the OP rather baffles me. Are you saying, “would you change your religion,” or “would you like to be Middle Eastern?”

Whether being Jewish is being part of an ethnic group, relgion, race or whatever has been discussed endlessly. I am just asking if people would like to be Jewish (however they define it).