If you can identify this movie by this vague recollection, you're reallly good!

I’ve had this vague recollection of a scene from a movie etched in my memory since early childhood. It’s fuzzy, but for some reason, this little vignette has been stuck in my mind for over 20 years. I just thought about the movie again today for some reason, and I have concluded that the Dope is my last hope for ever identifying this movie.

Okay, so it’s a movie in color from the late 70s-80s. Definitely not after 1992. A woman goes to see a guy in his house or office. They talk for a bit, and at some point he says something to the effect of, “until the day I die,” and then he immediately dies. I think he dies in a chair while saying that phrase. I also think the film cuts to a new scene right after that.

Like I said–it’s very vague. This thread is kind of a hail-Mary. I’d be happy with any wild guesses.

Chances Are (1989)?

Maybe: Is there a scene where a guy dies in a chair? On IMDB, it says that some guy is killed crossing the street. I’m sure it’s not a street death scene.

Any other guesses? Really, I’ll take any wild guesses at this point…

Comedy or drama? Is the scene supposed to be funny or poignent?

I’m thinking comedy, or at least it it’s not supposed to be that sad. The woman walks in, and the guy is fine. And then suddenly dies in a chair.

Chances Are is a comedy about re-incarnation, which fits. I can’t recall if one of the death scenes is inside, but I seem to recall that he was bonked on the head inside at one point and taken to the hospital.

Could it be The End with Burt Reynolds? IRC there was a scene with an older man who talks about how healthy he is, then dies. I don’t think there was a woman in the scene, though.

Not a movie, but it sounds like the very first sketch ever on Saturday Night Live.

This may be it. I can’t find the whole movie online, though, so I’ll have to get it from Netflix or something.

Great sketch, but I"m sure it wasn’t this one.