If you could execute one of 2 criminals

1 kills 12 seniors a month

1 rapes 6 children a month

Which one would you put away for good?

I want to see your logic and reasoning behind your statement.

One will be on the loose after your choice.

No one has an answer? Did i just stump the whole straight dope crew?

I would choose neither. I don’t believe in capital punishment, and I don’t want to set either loose, since you said “One will be on the loose after your choice.” If I don’t choose, neither is set loose.

Yes. Yes you did. Your cunningly wrought hypothetical has fractured not just everyone’s brain, but caused a rift in the fabric of space-time itself. I’m posting this from the late Cambrian era, trying to decide which of two slime-jellies should live or die. Battery time may be limited.

thats a bit harsh dude.

Should lock up people like you that hurt my feelings.

Since the OP has been banned for trolling, I’m going to lock this thread.