If you could have your mom make one meal or food dish what would it be?

I’m pretty sure there’s always one dish that everyone loves/loved their mom to make. Even if your mom is the most horrible cook in the world, by your opinion and others, come on…there’s got to be something she makes that’s great.

Or maybe she makes everything great. In that case, you’re lucky…or were if your mother isn’t around for any reason any more.
But if you had your choice to eat one dish made by your mom tonight, what would it be?

What was your mom’s best dish? What did she make that tasted like heaven to your taste buds?

My mom had Barbequed Pork Chops. Way back when she’d make pork chops in hunt’s BBQ sauce. Fry them up and then soak them in this bowl full of it, then just put the entire bowl itself on the table. Then we’d all have the chance to fish around in the sause to try to find the chops and put them, dripping and steaming, onto our places. I remember it was so delicious.

Mom hasn’t made pork chops that way for a long time. But I think someday I’ll ask her to, and certainly if I had my choice, I’d ask her to cook those, and that way.

What about you? What dish that good ol mom used (or still) to make did you enjoy the most? What could your mom do wonders with?

My mom used to make a hot dish that was elbow macaroni, hamburger and canned tomatos with melted velveeta cheese on top. I loved it when I was a kid.

She hasn’t made it in years and when I asked her recently she said she had forgotten how to make it. Turns out that my mom never liked to cook, which explains all the TV dinners and soup and sandwhich meals when I was a kid and the fact that I can only remember her making six different things. Ever.

I started cooking in my mid-thirties when I finally got tired of having eaten “bachelor food” for years. Now when I go home, I bring 3-4 recipes and cook for my mom, leaving her freezer full of good food.


Pie crust. Then I could get Dad to fill it with apple pie filling (I’ve never had pies better than his, though I once had one almost as good). Not sure why, but Mom always made the crust and Dad always made the filling in my house.

I’ve swiped their recipies though, so now I’m gonna make my own :smiley:

My parents retired and moved a few hundred miles away, luckily for me they usually stay here when they come back for family things. So I’m always buying (what I hope are all the correct) ingredients for a favorite meal and begging Mom to make it.

If I could have it right now, I’d ask for a big ol’ down home dinner. Fried potatoes, cole slaw, cornbread, pinto beans and the most tender pork chops ever.
Sure, it takes at least six months off your life, but it’s six months off the end, see? :smiley:

My mom hated cooking, too. She made this concoction called “Tuna and peas on toast”, which is just about how it sounds: canned tuna and canned peas in a plain white sauce, spooned over toasted white bread. I thought it was the best stuff in the world when I was seven years old. She’s beyond cooking nowadays, besides living 500 miles away. I’d make it myself, but Mr. Brown says it sounds like shit on a shingle and declines having any.

My mom’s fried chicken was the best, and she made a wonderful rice pudding using a double boiler.

My grandma cooked on a wood stove, and her custard pudding was to die for.

If my kids were answering this question, I think they’d ask for homemade noodles with chicken.

It’s a total cliche, but my mom’s buttermilk biscuits are the best thing ever to come out of an oven. I’ve spent a couple of decades trying to figure out her “magic,” but my biscuits are still only so-so, while Mom’s are a bit of handheld heaven. You’d think, with only three ingredients (White Lily self-rising flour, butter-flavored Crisco, and buttermilk,) that this wouldn’t be so problematic, eh?

My mom goes through weird food phases, cycling back and forth between veganism and Atkinsarianism, with various stops along the way. So she makes different killer food at different times. Fortunately, she’s a fantastic cook.

My favorite meat dish that I remember her making? Her barbecued chicken. I don’t know what the recipe was, but I loved that crack when I was a kid.

My favorite vegetarian dish that I remember her making? Her tempeh enchiladas are exquisitely delicious.

My favorite generic dish? She used to make these spectacular whole-wheat honey butter horn rolls; out of this world.


Tasty Beehive…

Suet pudding made with mince beef, gravy and marmite, heaven.

My mom hated cooking, but she made the best chicken biryani in the whole wide world.

Chicken with rice, seasoned and oh-so-yummy.

Can I add my dad, too? He made baingan ka bhartha, eggplant sliced up and sauteed with onions & lots of spices and hot. Oh, I miss it. I will never eat eggplant any other way.

My wife makes this dish too–it’s extremely delicious, and is the only way I’ll eat eggplant too! And considering that her extremely delicious sort is something she learned from an online recipe, I can only imagine how good your dad’s might’ve been.


My mom is a terrible cook, but there is one dish she made eons ago that still sticks in my brain- Chicken broccoli casserole. She won’t make it anymore because it’s “too fattening.” So I got the recipe and now I make it every now and then.

And if we’re going to talk about Dads… Skillet beans. Oh god, those were good. Molasses, bacon pieces, shreds of Arthur Bryant’s brisket, and other ingredients. I wish I had paid attention when he made those. He’s currently sitting in a carved wooden box on my entertainment armoire, so I can’t actually ask for the recipe. And he made some killer red beans & rice with keilbasa sausage. Oh yeah, he taught me how to make milk gravy. But mine never tastes as good as his. When I was a little girl, he turned me on to breaded stewed tomatoes, which is nothing more than a can of stewed tomatoes with a couple pieces of toast torn up and mixed in. I still make that stuff. Yummy!

Sweet potato poms. My mom hasn’t made this in decades, though. Funny how it leaped to mind. It’s a sort of orange fudge made from sweet potatoes. Very delicious.

My Mom’s simple cheese pizza blows all others away. I always tease her and my father for “hating flavour”, but it works great for her cheese pizza. Not too greasy, not too ambitious, it’s just right.

And let me tell you something, I almost had a heart attack when I read the thread title from the main forums page; since it doesn’t show all of the title, the only thing I could read was: “If you could have your mom…” And I prayed it wasn’t what I thought it was. And my prayer was answered. Whew.

Chiles rellenos. I know I could go to the taqueria a couple blocks away and have them make me my very own chiles rellenos, but I like my mommy’s best. I always think that someday I will get her to teach me how to make them, but then I remember I am lazy and don’t really like cooking.

My mom made this incredible bread roll. She’d take bread dough and roll it out flat. Then she’d cover it with sliced Polish sausage, sauerkraut, onion slices and sometimes cheese. Then she’d roll the whole thing up and bake it.

It’s the one food I missed the most when I was in the army. She quit making it after most of the kids left, I don’t know if my youngest sister even remembers it.

We called that “Creamed Tuna” but we served it on rice. I used to love it, but then my mom started working evenings and it was simple for her to make and let us heat up so we had it alot. Got sick of it.

My problem in answering this thread is that I’m a much better cook than my mom. I’ve improved almost all of her recipes.

The two things I can think of are:

1: Long rice (hekka) a Japanese dish made with teriyaki chicken or beef and these bey curd threads that just soaked up the teriyaki sauce. I made it once, but it’s been a while.

2: Fried corned beef and cabbage. I’ve never met anyone who eats this fried, and I could probably make it myself, but havn’t tried. You just shread the cabbage, saute it for awhile, add some water and let it steam. When it gets wilted, you add a can of corned beef and heat. Serve over rice with soy sauce.

just about everything my Mom makes is great but the best thing she has made that I would like to have again is the chocolate truffles she made one year, the most incredible rich chocolate experince. She has a great cheesecake too but I can make that myself.

Now my Dad, cornbread and barbeque ribs. No one can make cornbread as good as his even following his recipe and as far as the ribs… I just don’t eat ribs fixed by anyone else including the wolrd famous Rendezvous restaurant. I would ratrher wait for the real thing.

If I could bring her back from the grave for just one day, I’d ask her to make her scones, from her mother’s recipe. And this time, I’d pay attention so I could do it myself. Not too rich or sweet, perfect with a bit of butter warm from the oven. Then we’d sit around and drink tea and eat them all.

I miss my mommy. :frowning:

Pierogies, pierogies, pierogies!!!