If you could invite six people to dinner....

In this thread, binarydrome tells about an interview question his wife had.

He wanted to know what would be good answers for his wife to give in order to get the job; however, I thought it was a very interesting question. I didn’t want to hijack the thread, so I decided to start a new one on who you personally would want to invite to dinner (as opposed to who would look good to an employer).

I can’t seem to just pick six, but I can think of a few different dinner parties that I would love to have. These would be:

Dinner party 1:
Mary Queen of Scotland
Marie Antoinette
Anne Boleyn
Empress Maud
Helen of Troy*

Dinner party 2:
John Locke

Dinner Party 3:
John Knox
Martin Luther
Cardinal Richeleau
Pope Joan*
Gautama Buddha
A prophet from Apollo’s Oracle

*Please, no debates about whether she was real or not.

I’m curious to know, Monica, why such interest in Henry VIII’s wives? Just Anne Boleyn in your case, but I’ve seen other wives mentioned in other posts (I wouldn’t forget the Fourth Earl of You-Know-Where, a true innovator.).

I happen to find that time period incredibly interesting. I also would like to know the wive’s stories. What must have gone through their heads to know that they were going to be cast aside from their position of power simply because their child was the wrong sex? One of the reasons that Anne Boleyn popped into my head is that I’m currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl, a book about Anne’s sister (Mary Carey).

I like your selections, monica, but I guess I’d make my selection primarily on the basis of agreeable and interesting conversation. They need not necessarily be from one area of society only.

Assuming that the persons involved magically speak in tongues (or have a Babelfish or other device to understand each other):

  1. Oscar Wilde (renowned as a conversationalist)
  2. Plato
  3. Goethe
  4. Simone de Beauvoir
  5. Hume
  6. Madame de Sevigny

Damn, I notice that my selection is as one-sided as yours are.
Would probably be a bitch finding a menu all of them like :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ. my dad who passed away when I was nine, Bob Dylan, Jackie Robinson, Abe Lincoln and Willie Sutton. Willie gets frisked on the way out.

I was thinking maybe

Tinky Winky
La La
Bert and Ernie

We’d discuss trends in educational television since Mr. Rogers went off the air - or maybe precolumbian art history.

Naaaah. We’d talk about rubber duckies. Definately rubber duckies.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Robert Heinlein
  3. William Shakespeare
  4. My English teacher from my freshman year in high school
  5. Kevin Smith
  6. Bill Cosby

For my dinner party, in alphabetical order:

Mohandas Gandhi
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln
William Shakespeare
Mark Twain

Diana Rigg
Bo Jackson
Tom Brokaw
Anna Kournikova
Dave Berry
Laura Bush

Shallow maybe, but all of my selections are alive, and you gotta’ admit there’d be an opportunity for some unusual conversation.

What! No Eleanor of Aquitaine!! I don’t know who I’d bump (okay, it would be Helen, she’s only known for her beauty after all), but Eleanor would be at my table.

Martin Luther
William Faulkner (just because I love him–no doubt he would be drunk by the second course, and then I’d try to get him to make catty comments about Hemingway)

[li]George Mallory[/li][li]Andrew Irvine[/li][li]Saint Paul[/li][li]Meriwether Lewis[/li][li]James Joyce[/li][li]Geoffrey Chaucer[/li][/ul]

My alternates would be Rasputin and Dorothy Parker.

Thom Yorke
George Orwell
Ralph Nadar
Audrey Hepburn
my crush
Winston Churchill

Oooh! Mr. Jim, you have some terrific choices!

Gabrielle Sidonie Collette
Frida Kahlo
Virginia Woolf
Iris Murdoch
Gloria Steinem
Sean Connery

I’ll go sharpen the knives…

BTW, monica, do you know what a milli-Helen is? It’s the beauty that it would take to launch one ship.

Oscar Wilde (always my first thought on questions like this)
Alfred Hitchcock
J. P. Donleavy
Dorothy Parker
Fran Lebowitz


(I’m sorry. We are in the middle of this play…)

Harvey Milk
Helen Hunt
Robin Williams
Adam Sandler
Anne Frank
Paul Monette

Oscar Wilde (famous conversationalist and wit)
Samuel Pepys (ditto and diarist)
GF Handel (the composer)
The Iron Lady - Margaret Thatcher
The Iron Duke - Arthur Wellesley
Winston Churchill

Ken Shamrock
Sadam Hussien
Pol Pot

Me and Shamrock to beat the other 4 to death and Jesus is there to bring them back to life so Ken and I can do it again.

Authors. Definitely authors.

  1. Colleen McCullough
  2. Stephen King
  3. Diana Gabaldon
  4. James Clavell
  5. James Herriott
  6. Margaret Mitchell

Then I’d sit back and listen to them talk.