If you could participate in a firing squad, would you?

Now THAT’s funny!

I’m opposed to the death penalty for any reason.

But if the sentence is handed down and I haven’t yet done my part to eliminate that punishment as an option, then I’d rather I was in charge of delivering a hasty departure for the condemned. Screw the paper target, I’m aiming the .30 cal for just above the dude’s right eyebrow–just in case some other SMF is aiming for his knee or his gut, which isn’t out of the question.

The only way I would participate is as the guy against the wall. As ways to go, go… it’s always seemed one of the coolest.
The last smoke… refusing the blindfold… famous last words. It’s got it all.
Yep, beats the pants off just having someone unplug a machine.

No. Never.

Yes, I would. Preferably waiting outside the courthouse door so we could shoot the bugger minutes after pronouncement of the sentence. Let’s get it done with.

I’m opposed to the death penalty, so I would volunteer and then intentionally miss.

Heh…s’how they do it in China. So I’ve heard. Not a lot of money wasted on appeals.

Well, I’ll volunteer…but the thing is, I’ve never handled a rifle before, so I don’t know how much use I’d be with one.* I’d probably end up shooting one of the reporters or witnesses, by accident. :smack:

*Unless we’re talking about one of those deals where the rifle is basically locked in place in a tripod, already sighted in on the target. In which case it wouldn’t matter, because I’d just be a glorified button-pusher.

Hell no.

Even if I was in the military and ordered to do it, I would deliberately shoot to miss.

Why even bother with firearms? You could just throw rocks. :rolleyes:

This is my 10,000th post.

Because the OP made specific reference to a firing squad, not a stoning squad.

Yes, I would just to see what it felt like. The guy is going to die one way or the other so I might as well get a little educational experience out of it. I don’t think that I would have a problem with it although it might cause nightmares for a few days.

However it lets you answer the question. Perhaps you hear on the local news that they need volunteers for a firing squad? I don’t know.

How you find out you have the opportunity is not that important. Just that you have the chance to volunteer.

Hell in China they charge your family for the cost of the bullet they used to kill you. Now that is some cold blooded stuff right there.

Nope. Anti-death penalty, don’t have any desire to see what killing another person is like. Wouldn’t do it.

I’m in favor of killing a few innocent people so that no guilty man goes free or lives another day, if he/she were facing the death penalty.

It is the sacrfice that some innocent people will have to make. Kind of like war. Innocent people die to protect us. In the war on crime, same thing.

I am a Marine Corps veteran, pro-capital punishment, and I own three firearms.

I would not volunteer to participate in the death of a condemned person.

Much along the same lines as Crafter_Man.

NOOO! There is an amazingly powerful documentry on the death penalty that shows several “death by bullet” scenes (mostly in China I think) that would put almost everyone off the death penalty.

Grrrr I wish I could remember the name of the film. The death penalty is nasty no matter how it happens.

This post cracks me up. Mostly because you’re absolutely serious.

I’m against the death penalty. However, it’s due to my fear of too much government power, not because I’m squeemish about killing.

I’m a hunter who regularly kills (or attempts to kill) big game animals at close ranges with gun and bow.

I would participate in a firing squad. I don’t know if I’d volunteer, but that would depend entirely on the situation. I have experience with firearms, so maybe I would be inclined to volunteer if there was a shortage of experienced shooters available. I would also volunteer if the person had committed crimes against my loved ones. In any case, I doubt I’d have much trouble sleeping afterwards.

Really? What if you were the innocent person?

Yeah, amen to that. If I can figure out a way to live to like 500 and then be killed by firing squad, I’ll have it made.

As for being one of the executioners, hell no. I’m morally opposed to the death penalty.

No way.

I was offered the chance to witness the execution of some Tibetans in China, and I did debate going, but declined in the end. I did see the convicts driven past on the back of a truck, in the last few minutes of their lives, though, which was disturbing enough.