If you don't have trypophobia ...

… you might be interested to know that there’s a YouTube channel where a vet in The Gambia posts videos of dogs being treated for infestations of Cordylobia Anthropophaga, aka mangoworms.

Thousands and thousands of mango worms … .

Imma go ahead and NOT check that out.

Ayup. So many worms from small dogs that they fill a small tub. Evil EVIL channel…

I watched so many… :frowning:

I don’t even suffer from it - not one bit - and I still don’t want to see worms in dogs!

Who put the mango in the dogs in the first place? Sounds mean…

Worms in dogs are not nearly as bad as worms coming out of dogs, worms infesting dog feces, worms eating into your feet after stepping in said feces, worms in the water you’re drinking from the nearby stream, etc.

What? You say I’m not helping? Oops. Sorry! :smiley:

Eewwww. Why did I look? You can’t unsee that.

That’s some mighty fine Third World crunchy goodness there, innit?

I’m with you. Shall we go get a drink and munch on some nachos instead?

Drinks, you say? Im in.

If I want worms, ill just eat a egg salad sandwhich from a truck stop bathroom vending machine.

Let me know if the worms make you hyper-intelligent–I want one too.

Im as flexible as gumby and as strong as hercules.

I’m a pretty curious person, but I’m going to leave this one alone.

Gumbercules! I love that guy!

Ah, Africa. The continent where the flies don’t wait for you to be dead before spawning maggots in your flesh.